An island in the northwestern Zadar archipelago, which is separated from the neighbouring island of 1st by the Zapuntel Strait. The highest point of the island is Knezak (141 m). The northern coast is gently sloping and has a number of bays, the largest of which is Jazi. The steep southwestern coast which faces the open sea is less rugged. In the 11th century, the island belonged to the Benedictine monastery in Zadar. In 1409 it came under Venetian rule.

MOLAT TOWN - The largest settlement on the island is very peaceful. Food supply is available. When the ferry port was built, the number of berths increased. The northern part includes water and electricity hook-ups. The port is exposed only to southwesterly winds and provides one of the best shelters from the bora.

BRGULJE BAY - It is full of sailboats during the season. There are numerous mooring buoys, water and electricity hook-ups, a pier that serves a regular ship line and a small pier with a depth of up to 2.5 m. The jugo causes a strong tide. 

JAZI - A harbour exposed to northwesterly winds. Boats with a draught of up to 1 m can berth at the short pier. The best anchorage is located in front of the wooded eastern coast.

PODGARBE - A bay with two arms, which provides anchorage at depths between 5 and 7 m and is well-protected from the bora. It is exposed only to southwesterly winds.

ZAPUNTEL - A settlement in the interior of the northwestern part of the island of Molat. It was first mentioned in 1464. The pier serves as a ferry landing. There are mooring lines on the northern side of the pier, and mooring buoys on the opposite side to the west. When the bora blows strong, it is impossible to navigate through the Zapuntel Strait.