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List of nautical gas stations in Croatia

Complete list of nautical gas stations in Croatia.

List of nautical gas stations

Average exchange rates for today:

(*may vary from exchange office to exchange office)
7.51 KN
7.3 KN
8.86 KN
1.33 EUR
10 KN
13.71 USD
10 KN
13.71 USD
10 KN
13.31 EUR
100 KN
13.71 USD
100 KN
13.71 USD
100 KN
133.12 EUR
1000 KN
137.07 USD
1000 KN
137.07 USD
1000 KN

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Average gas prices in Croatia for today:

Eurosuper 95

Fuel nameGas stationPrice
Eurosuper95Mitea (Samobor)11,29 kn
euroSUPER 95 BSTifon11,30 kn
Eurosuper 95Petrol11,30 kn
Eurosuper 95 Crodux Derivati11,30 kn
Eurosuper 95INA11,30 kn
Eurosuper 95Lukoil11,30 kn
Eurosuper 95AdriaOil11,30 kn
Eurosuper95 Ferotom (Dugo Selo)11,30 kn
Eurosuper 95+INA12,66 kn
Eurosuper 95+AdriaOil12,66 kn
Eurosuper 95+Lukoil13,36 kn


Fuel nameGas stationPrice
EurodizelMitea (Samobor)12,13 kn
euroDIESEL BSTifon12,14 kn
Eurodiesel BSPetrol12,14 kn
EurodizelCrodux Derivati12,14 kn
EurodizelINA12,14 kn
EurodizelLukoil12,14 kn
EurodizelAdriaOil12,14 kn
Eurodizel Ferotom (Dugo Selo)12,14 kn
Eurodizel+INA14,27 kn
Eurodizel+AdriaOil14,27 kn
Q Max Eurodiesel BSPetrol14,48 kn
Eurodizel PlusCrodux Derivati14,48 kn
CLASS euroDIESEL BSTifon14,69 kn
Eurodizel+Lukoil14,93 kn