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Suggested one-way sailing itinerary


One way charter is a beautiful way to see more of Croatia in a shorter period of time.

Our clients mostly desire the route from Dubrovnik to Split or the other way around.

Dubrovnik to Split is a beautiful route which includes various possibilities in organizing your trip. Some of the most favorite destinations are Elafiti islands, Mljet (especially Pomena on Mljet, the entrance to the national park), island and especially the city of Korcula, island Lastovo, island Vis, Hvar, Brac...

By choosing a one way charter from Split to Dubrovnik or the other way around, you can combine your route to see some of these destinations which interest you the most.

Not all boats are available for one way charter. We always recommend to our clients to contact us early in the year, to have more options for a one way charter.


Dubrovnik Croatia


One way charter usually costs more due to the reason that the boat usually has to be taken back to the port which it came from. The standard one-way fee is usually from € 300,00 – € 900,00 (depending on exact starting and arrival port and the particular boat). It includes the costs of the skipper who needs to bring the particular boat back to the base and the fuel needed to make that trip.

Also it is important to mention that the majority of boats, especially catamarans, which are available for one-way charter from Split to Dubrovnik, would be available under following terms: The boat needs to arrive to arrival port by Friday at about 13:00 hours and it should be disembarked by that time, so the skipper has enough time to return it to it's original starting port.

However, there is also some one-way options which enable you a standard charter period starting on Saturday afternoon and lasting until next Saturday morning. Please note, these options are rare and it is not so easy to find available boats for it.