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Danielis Skipper Academy

Danielis Skipper Academy

For those who are ambitious and want to work as a professional skipper!

Catamaran Training

Catamaran Training

If you already have experience in navigation or sailing and want to upgrade your skills.

Hostess Academy

Hostess Academy

Hostess academy which will take place in waters around Split.

Adventure is worthwhile!

Adventure is worthwhile!

Do you have what it takes for the most rewarding job?

Danielis skipper academy
Hostess academy
Catamaran training
Skipper training Croatia

Danielis Skipper Academy

Catamaran Training

Hostess Academy


  • DANIELIS SKIPPER ACADEMY (07.04. - 21.04. 2018.)
  • CATAMARAN TRAINING (21.04.-28.04. 2018.)
  • HOSTESS ACADEMY (07.04.-14.04. 2018.)

Starting port:



  • Danielis skipper academy – Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439
  • Catamaran training - Lagoon 400 S2
  • Hostess academy - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439

We are happy to announce our Danielis skipper academy, Catamaran training and Hostess academy which will take place in waters around Split, starting from 07th April 2018 and 21st April 2018.

Our goal is to have 5-6 skippers, 1-2 hostesses and 1 instructor on each boat. This way all the participants will meet real life and real job conditions on the boat.

Adventure is worthwhile.


Catamaran Academy Croatia


How it works?

Danielis skipper academy has been designed for those who want to work as professional skippers and it is necessary to gain additional skills and experience if you are interested to start working for Danielis Yachting this following season 2018.

Our Skipper academy is practical course, meaning that the attendants will live on the boat for a 2 weeks, and cruise around the islands, while learning all nautical skills which will be the necessary introduction for the job. Academy enables our attendants to gain practical and theoretical skills of maneuvering and sailing, basics of skipper’s responsibility and social skills, safety and rescue at sea, navigation skills and maritime rules, basics of meteorology and many tips and tricks adding your experience and competence as a skipper.

Attendants of Hostess academy will be introduced with boat inventory, nautical deckhand skills to help the skipper, basics of preparing local food, cleaning the boat inside and out, serving drinks and snacks, organizing grocery shopping and much more.

Catamaran training is a practical course designed for those who want to learn how to maneuver and sail on a catamaran, improve the skills, live and spend some time on the multihull.


Is this for you?

Do you have what it takes for the most rewarding job?



You don't have to have any previous experience in order to apply.

For those who are ambitious and want to work as a professional skipper, two weeks skipper academy is a great start that will enable them to overcome all the neccessary boat skills.

If you already have experience in navigation or sailing and want to upgrade your skills, our catamaran training is the right place to be, proving your knowledge in maneuvering and sailing.


Getting Your Sailing Licence

Within our skipper academy everybody who wants to acquire Croatian boat skipper license category C (for commercial use) (or Croatian boat skipper license category B (for private use), we are organizing a 3 day theoretical course and exam with Croatian Port Authority (Lučka Kapetanija).

For more info about the prices of exam click here.


Price of the exam:

  • Price for 3 days theoretical course - € 267,00 (2.000,00 HRK)
  • Exam at Croatian porth authority - € 67,00 (500,00 HRK)
  • Medical examination - € 67,00 (500,00 HRK)

* medical examination is obligatory for the exam with Port Authority


Catamaran Skipper


Find your first job

After the 2 weeks of skipper academy all of you who want to work as a professional skippers and become a part of nautical family, will get directions and tips from us on how to gather more experience by cooperationg with our partners, collegues and other companies looking for a crew. Of course, those of you who show us that they are ready for the job, might get a job with us soon, already this summer 2018. It is necessary to apply for 2 weeks skipper academy to be a candidate for a job in Danielis Yachting.

Since Danielis is the most competitive and one of the most prosper companies in this field of work in Croatia, expectations we have for our future skippers are serious. Only the best of the best will get the job already in the first season with the salary starting from € 100,00 per day, which is significantly higher than any other skipper beginner salary offered by other companies in Croatia. Getting a job and starting as a skipper with Danielis Yachting is wind in your sails and a big boost for your skipper career. Danielis Yachting skippers are widely recognized as those who possess great knowledge and pleasant personalities which enables them to provide superb service for their clients. Trip Advisor and other reviews confirm that fact. Other companies and partners in nautical tourism (charter operators and other agencies) know that fact.


How much does it cost?

Price for Danielis skipper academy:

  • € 1.050,00 / TWO WEEKS (7.875,00 HRK) / * 10% discount for confirmations until 31st January

Price for the hostess academy:

  • € 349,00 / PER WEEK (2.600,00 HRK)

Price for the catamaran training :

  • € 649,00 / PER WEEK (4.870,00 HRK)



  • Accomodation on the boat in shared cabins
  • Professional instructor
  • Port fees in marina Seget
  • Course exercise book


  • Food and drinks
  • Port fees in other ports we will visit
  • Fuel for the boat
  • Cost of getting a valid licence category C from Croatian Port Authority


Additional costs for fuel, food and drinks and port fees shall be shared among participants. For that purpose, all participants should be ready to participate in common costs with € 100,00 (750,00 HRK) per week.

If additional costs are bigger than that amount, they will be shared on the spot, among participants.


Be a Skipper in Croatia


For more info please contact Davor: davor@danielis-yachting.com, or call +385 98 641 066.

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