An island in the western part of the Sibenik archipelago, which aces the open sea. The highest peak is Kapic (134 m). The coast ; very rugged. Larger bays include Mikavica, Muna, Koromasna and Japlenisce in the northeast, and Nozdra vela, Nozdra mala, Tratinska, Krusevica, Stupica vela, Stupica mala and Kabal in the southwest.

ZIRJE TOWN - The only settlement lies in the interior of the island. A road connects it with the Muna Bay, where there is a port for fishing boats. There are remains of an Early Byzantine fortress from the 6lh century on the island.

MIKAVICA - A bay with a small pier with a depth of up to 2 m, a small enclosed harbour and an anchorage at depths between 8 and 12 m. It is exposed to northerly and northwesterly winds.

MUNA - A bay with a breakwater, at the end of which lands the passenger ship, which frequently stays in the bay overnight. At the end of the bay lie a launch ramp and a small pier with a depth of 1.5 m. The bay is exposed to northwesterly winds.

VELA STUPICA - There are many mooring buoys in front of the inn at the end of the bay which is exposed to southeasterly winds.