An island in the Kornati archipelago which is not part of the national park. Its highest peak is Gubovac (174 m). The island is surrounded by islets, reefs and shoals. The coast is steep and lined with numerous bays, some of which provide shelter for fishing and other small boats. The majority of the island is covered with shrubs interspersed with fields which produce olives, figs and vine. There are no permanent settlements on the island. Fishermen and land owners occasionally stay in the houses along some of the bays.

Luka Zut is a large and wide bay with a marina on its western side. Depending on the position, the marina is exposed to all winds except the southerly. Anchorage is located directly in front of the marina at its northern part. The Strunac Bay is exposed to northwesterly winds. Boats can tie up at a small pier with a depth of up to 1 m, or at the mooring buoys of the inn. Hiljaca is a large bay with three coves, protected by two islets to the northeast. Boats can berth at numerous small piers at a depth of 1.5 m. There are a few mooring buoys in front of the inn. The northern cove is exposed to southeasterly winds and the other two to westerly winds.

In the Bizikovica Bay. which is exposed to northerly winds, boats can anchor in its western part at a depth of around 7 m. Pinzelic is an anchorage with depths between 3 and 5 m. From the northern side it is protected by an islet. The depth of the sea between the islets is only 1 m. Bodovac is an uninhabited bay with an anchorage. It is exposed to strong northwesterly winds.

ACI Zut Marina (099) 470-028 - There are 120 berths at a depth of 4.5 m and a repair shop