A modern tourist town with a ferry landing for the island of Pasman (Tkon) in the southern part of the Pasman Channel. The old town core lies on a peninsula between the Bosana Bay to the north and the Soline Bay to the south, but the town has spread into the hinterland as well. In front of the settlement lie the off-shore islets of Planac and Sveta Katarina. There is a large beach surrounded by a pine forest in the Soline Bay. There are a few private campsites in the town and its environs. Biograd was first mentioned in the middle of the 10"1 century. In the 11th century, it was the seat of the Croatian kings.

King Petar Kresimir built a Benedictine monastery and the Church of sv. Ivan (St. John) in 1050. In 1102 the Hungarian King Koloman was crowned King of Croatia in Biograd. In 1125 the town was razed to the ground by the Venetians. Biograd was under Venetian rule between 1409 and 1797. In 1646 the Croatian army itself destroyed the town when it had to withdraw during the Venetian-Turkish war. The town museum exhibits Liburnian and Roman findings and the remains of the medieval royal town, but its special attraction is a series of artifacts from the turn of the 17th century, found on a sunken ship.

The port is protected from all winds except the westerly. The quay in the port is reserved for regular lines. Berths are available in the harbor south of the fuel dock which lies next to the ferry landing, and at the pier with a lighthouse at a depth of 3 m. Local boats are moored behind the breakwater. The knee of the breakwater is free, but the sea is shallow there. To the south lies the hotel harbor with 170 berths for seafaring hotel guests.

KORNATI MARINA (023) 383-800, It lies on a natural bay and has 500 berths at a depth of up to 4 m, and 200 spaces for dry storage. Boat rentals are available. Facilities include a repair shop, a 55-ton travel-lift and a 10-ton lift.

SANGULIN MARINA (023) 383-150,385-020, A private marina with 200 berths at a depth of up to 4 m and 20 spaces for dry storage. Facilities include a repair shop, a movable lift and a launch ramp.