Top 8 lighthouses for your sailing holiday in Croatia in 2021

Marin @Danielis - June 17, 2020.

You decided that you are spending your sailing holiday in Croatia so by now you probably have a wishlist long as the Adriatic coast and we don't blame you. Croatia truly is a spectacular sailing destination and if you're feeling up for a summer treasure hunt, pack your spears, you're heading to the right place.

The ultimate guide to Best anchorages in Split Aquatorium

Marin @Danielis - May 07, 2019.

Looking for a great place with clean water, silence, and trees? It is one of the best feelings for relaxing and in the Adriatic Sea and Split coast there is a lot of locations just like that. Whole Croatian coastline is beautiful and will leave you breathless, so be sure to read this ultimate guide about best anchorages...

The ultimate guide to Sailing the Greek Islands

Marin @Danielis - April 29, 2019.

Greece is one of those countries where you can have a lot of fun without spending much money. You can easily choose a sailing Greek islands route and try the food, party a bit, maybe spend a bit of time checking out the museums and archaeological findings.

5 Best Wine tasting experiences on island Hvar

Marin @Danielis - December 04, 2018.

To truly experience a holiday destination, one should also taste the food and drink the place offers. So, while on your cruise to Croatia’s sunniest island, the island of Hvar, we bring you the 5 best wine tasting experiences available!

Discover Croatian Islands: Island Olib the ultimate guide

Marin @Danielis - November 15, 2018.

Located in the Northern Dalmatia, about 30 miles northwest of Zadar, Olib is a small, but special islands, home to 140 inhabitants.

The Dream Guide For An Ultimate Croatian Island Hopping Adventure

Marin @Danielis - May 30, 2018.

Did you ever dreamed of island hopping in Croatia, but decided to put off those dreams simply because you thought you couldn't afford such a luxury?

Discover Hidden Sailing Paradise - Palmizana

Marin @Danielis - December 17, 2017.

Between Hvar and Vis there is a place called, when translated from Croatian to English “Hells Islands”. This constellation of islands and coves, covered with lush green pine forests resembles the Garden of Eden, a real Sailing Paradise, and

Sailing Routes: 7-Day Dalmatian Sailing Itinerary

Marin @Danielis - November 21, 2017.

Sailing Routes: Your Perfect 7 Day Sailing Itinerary on Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

Top 5 Distant Croatian Islands to Sail To During Bareboat Yacht Charter

Marin @Danielis - November 18, 2017.

While many sailors ⛵ are content with visiting the most populous and famous islands, there are some who wish to put their nautical skills to the test and head out to open waters in search for new experiences and new sights.If you count as o

7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 4: Vis

Marin @Danielis - September 26, 2017.

What should you plan to do and see while you are exploring Vis? Here are some suggestions to make your vacation truly unforgettable!

5 Reasons Why You Should Sail to Island of Lastovo

Marin @Danielis - August 01, 2017.

Looking for a great sailing challenge? We present you with top 5 reasons to sail to Lastovo island this summer.

Looking for Adventure? Visit Omiš, a Famous Pirate Town!

Marin @Danielis - July 25, 2017.

If you’re after outdoor adventure on your Croatia charter holiday, set your sights on Omiš, a historic pirate town wedged between the Cetina River and the sea about 25 kilometres down the coast from Split. Learn more about Omiš!

10 Reasons To Set Sail for Island Ugljan on Your Croatian Sailing Holiday

Marin @Danielis - July 11, 2017.

Ugljan is a place where mass tourism yet hasn’t taken over, so you can enjoy your peace and solitude in peace, away from the noise and the crowds. The island is crisscrossed with numerous pathways leading to vantage points where one can find peace and harmony whilst admiring the view.

Difference Between Sailing in Turkey, Croatia and Greece

Marin @Danielis - July 01, 2017.

You’ve been dreaming of a Mediterranean charter cruise for as long as you can remember. But where should you travel? Greece, Croatia or Turkey? What are the differences in sailing off the coasts of each of these countries, and how do you kn

Sailing around Sibenik: Complete Guide - Part I

Marin @Danielis - July 01, 2017.

Discover diversity of waters around Šibenik and it's amazing archipelago of 285 different islands, ridges and islets. Why does Šibenik archipelago attracts such a great number of sailors and yachtsmen from all over the world? Read more to f

7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 2: Brač

Marin @Danielis - June 25, 2017.

This charming island features historical villages, delicious restaurants, wineries and hiking trails. Outdoor lovers will find plenty to do in the beautiful coastal waters surrounding the island—not to mention excitement along the nearby Ce

Vodice Nighlife: Party Guide for Young Sailors in Croatia

Marin @Danielis - June 24, 2017.

While sailing along the coast of Dalmatia, there are some towns you simply must visit. Surely, one of them is Vodice, a former fishing village turned tourist hub and pleasure center. Read more!

Best Beaches in Croatia Part I

Marin @Danielis - June 10, 2017.

Here are top 10 beaches in Croatia (in no particular order). Some of them are well-known spots on the Adriatic, others just hidden gems visited mostly by locals. Check them out!

Want To Go Sailing in Croatia? This Drone Video Will Leave You Breathless

Marin @Danielis - May 21, 2017.

People who are behind YouTube chanel Drone Hub published this amazing drone video that will show you how beautiful Croatia really is. Here are the best places you should visit while sailing and when you step from your yacht to the mainland. You are still wondering about your sailing destination? Sail to Croatia!

Family Friendly Sailing Destinations: Island Brač - Milna

Marin @Danielis - May 21, 2017.

Are you sailing with your family? Click to find out the most family friendly sailing destinations in Croatia.

7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 3: Hvar

Marin @Danielis - May 20, 2017.

With more than 2,800 hours of sunlight every year, Hvar is steeped in the kind of Adriatic weather that vacationers crave when they book their trips. What should you see and do while you are here? Here are our top recommendations for active

Top 10 Bays in Which You Should Anchor When Sailing in Croatia

Marin @Danielis - May 07, 2017.

Top 10 Bays in Which You Should Anchor When Sailing in Croatia - Undoubtedly, one of the greatest joys of sailing is finding anchorage in a virgin bay, untouched by others and unmarred with any signs of human activity, serving as a sort of a portal to times long past, when things were much simpler and slower. It is no secret...

The Most Popular Caves in the Adriatic

Marin @Danielis - May 07, 2017.

The Croatian mountains, made of porous limestone are known worldwide for their deep pits and caverns. Many of the caves that can be found throughout the Dinaridic chain of mountains was home to the Neolithic man, with numerous artifacts to support that claim.

Sailing Routes: 7-Day Sailing Itinerary from Dubrovnik

Marin @Danielis - May 06, 2017.

Join us on unforgettable seven day cruise from Dubrovnik. This fantastic itinerary is full of beautiful islands, national and nature parks, protected UNESCO sites and heritage, non stop fun under the sun sun, rich Greek and Roman culture, a

7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 5: Korčula

Marin @Danielis - April 27, 2017.

Whether you are in search of the best beaches, the most exciting parties, or the finest wine and dining in Croatia, you will find that Korčula offers all of this and more. Find out more about activities on the island!

Sailing around Sibenik: Complete Guide - Part II

Marin @Danielis - April 14, 2017.

You`ve been through Šibenik, Skradin and Krka National Park already. But, what else awaits you on your sailing journey from Sibenik? Find out!

10 Captivating Beaches to Sail to on your Croatian Holiday

Marin @Danielis - April 04, 2017.

The beauty of Croatian coast is known since time immemorial, the Greek who have sailed across the entire Mediterranean found their refuge on the shores of Croatia’s plentiful islands while sailing across the labyrinth of over 1000 islands, islets, and inlets.

5 Captivating Lighthouses in Croatia to Visit on your Sailing Holidays

Marin @Danielis - March 06, 2017.

Until recently, sailing to lighthouses was reserved for the selected few, but with the rapid development of nautical tourism in Croatia, it is now available to everyone wanting to visit mostly desolate islands and islets and have a peak in the life of peculiar people called lighthouse keepers while spending a night there.

Top Nudist Beaches and Regions in Croatia

Marin @Danielis - March 01, 2017.

But did you know that Croatia has a large number of specially designated nudist beaches all along the coast? Moreover, Croatia was one of the first countries in the world where you could swim naked 'legally'.

7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 1: Split

Marin @Danielis - February 19, 2017.

As the largest city on the Croatian coast, Split may not be the only place where the party is at, but it is definitely where the party starts. Here you can immerse yourself in the balmy Mediterranean climate and the inviting, vibrant crowds

Family Friendly Sailing Destinations: Island Šćedro

Marin @Danielis - February 15, 2017.

Without year round inhabitants and without a power grid Ščedro has fascinated sailors from antiquity. With its lush pine forests that reach all the way down to the sea, and its numerous coves it’s the perfect place to escape.

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