7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 2: Brač

Written by Marin @Danielis on June 25, 2017 in Sailing Destinations

1. Go rafting in on the Cetina River.


If you are going to do just one outdoor activity while you are in the area, we recommend heading to the Cetina River. Start with a rafting adventure. This green river snakes through lush forests, featuring both tranquil clear waters and whitewater rapids. Along the way, you can stop for lunch and relax along the riverbank and enjoy a quiet interlude. Then you can jump back in your raft for another adrenaline rush!

2. Enjoy a zipline adventure.


For those looking for the thrill of a lifetime, Cetina offers another opportunity not to be missed. Imagine the ultimate zipline, spanning 2100 meters from end to end and suspended 150 meters above the Cetina River. From up on high, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view of some of the most gorgeous scenery you will ever see as you rush from one side of the canyon to the other, hanging in midair.


3. Learn to surf in Bol and experience the ultimate beach party.


When you get back to Brač itself, you will want to travel to Bol. Here you can visit Zlatni Rat, the most well-known beach in the entire Adriatic. The beach has a v-shape and protrudes more than 500 meters out into the sea. This is the destination for windsurfing, parasailing and other water activities. Take a surfing lesson during the day, and then stick around for a party that is out-of-this-world and goes long into the night.

Loftsails Team in Croatia from KacperW on Vimeo.

4. Enjoy some of Brač’s best restaurants.


As with every part of Croatia, Brač has its own distinctive culinary flavours which are well worth exploring with reservations at a few of the island’s top restaurants. In particular, Brač is known for its sheep cheese, lamb meat and olive oil. Restaurants to try include Konoba Vallum, which serves delicious fish soup, Vagabundo Restaurant & Bar, which serves up modern renditions of traditional dishes, and Terasa Santo, a wonderful seafood restaurant with a beautiful port view. Don’t miss local favourites Kopacina or Mali Raj either.


Be sure to check the wine lists at the restaurants for some local wines from the Stina Winery; consider booking a winery tour as well if you have the time.

5. Hike up to Dragon’s Cave.


If you are up for some intense hiking, take the 1 hour trek up the 300 meter trail to Dragon’s Cave, also called Zmajeva Spilja. As one of the most ancient monasteries in the region, Dragon’s Cave is a mysterious site of unknown origin and purpose. It may date back to the 4th century, or possibly even the 15th—it all depends on who you ask. Some people believe that the carvings you see there are not even the originals, and that those are lost to time.


If you decide to visit Dragon’s Cave, make sure you are in peak shape and that you bring plenty of water. Take a breather now and again and enjoy the incredible views of the Adriatic along your ascent.

We also recommend you visit Blaca hermitage.

desert blaca

6. Go swimming in a submarine pen.


If you are interested in history and are looking for a fun outdoor activity, you can combine the two by heading to one of the former submarine pens located along the south shore of Brač. Explore them and learn more about military history while enjoying a refreshing dip in the sea.

7. Head out sea kayaking.


How can you get to those submarine pens? The best way to reach them is in a small boat—like a kayak. Sea kayaking allows you to paddle along the coast at your own pace. You can take out a single kayak on your own, or you can rent a double and head out with a friend. There are kayak tours you can book, or you can choose your own route and discover hidden beaches and coves on your own. We also offer SUP kayak rental service so make sure to check it out.

8. Cycle inland on a mountain bike.


While the Adriatic offers plenty to see and do, it is well worth it to head inland to discover the natural beauty of Brač’s interior. There are routes for mountain bikes all across the island, even heading up to its highest peak. Beginners can enjoy leisurely, flat routes like the one which runs 16 kilometers from Sumartin through Selca and Novo Selo. Advanced mountain biking enthusiasts can try out the challenging route from Bol to Vidova gora, or the one which runs between Vidova gora and Supetar.


You now know all there is to explore on the island of Brač! Like Split, this is a stop where you can easily spend days taking in all the sights and throwing yourself headlong into adrenaline-packed outdoor adventures. But eventually, you will need to depart these golden shores. Be sure to read onto our next segment to learn all about the next port of call on your Croatia adventure!