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Best Beaches in Croatia Part I

Written by Marin @Danielis on June 10, 2017 in Sailing Destinations

Here are top 10 beaches in Croatia (in no particular order). Some of them are well-known spots on the Adriatic, others just hidden gems visited mostly by locals.


Many sailors and travelers are attracted to Bol's white beaches, particularly Zlatni rat Beach, because of their vastness and beauty. Zlatni rat Beach stretches almost vertically into the sea, changing its shape and location depending on the winds, as if it were made of liquid gold. Its elegance and allure have made it the symbol of both the island and coastal Croatia, being put on the front pages of prestigious global newspapers.



If you set off with a winding road leading to Duba, after passing inland of Peljesac covered with vineyards, you will find yourself in front of one of the most beautiful beaches of Peljesac. 10 km southeast of Trpanj lies pebbly beach called - Divna (meaning gorgeous) which tells you that its beauty has been recognized long time ago. There is a small family-run campsite at the beach.



Beautiful secluded bay Dubovica is situated on the southern coast of the island of Hvar between the Hvar town and Stari Grad. There is a 150m long pebble beach with a crescent shape.The sea is crystal clear and it is hard to resist not to dive into the blue waters and have a swim. 



Sveta Nedija is the village below the highest peak on the island Sveti Nikola (626 m), located 12 km east from the city of Hvar. 

Sveta Nedjilja is situated on the steep and sunny slopes of the island Hvar which makes it a famous centre for the production of the best types of Hvar red wine (plavac) and a popular tourist destination. The coast between Sveta Nedjelja and Zavala (10 km of Sveta Nedjelja) has several little coves with wonderful fine pebble beaches where you can find some privacy.



Sakarun is one of the most famous beaches in Zadar County, located on the northwest coast of the island. Near the beach are the places Veli Rat, Veruni, Soline and Božava.

The beach gained its reputation with the whiteness of the sand and clean sea, surrounded by pine trees that provide a welcome shade in the summer. It is about 800 meters long and at some 250 meters from the shore it is 3.5 meters deep, which means that the bathing area is extremely large and shallow and suitable even for young children.



The nearly enclosed Stiniva sea cove is very appealing due to its naturally unusual appearance. Its external sea entrance is relatively narrow (4-5 meters) which then expands into an unexpectedly wide and beautiful seaside cove.

In the past, the coastal estuary may have been a sea cave whose highest point wore away with time and other natural elements. The inviting bay can be approached on foot or by boat. With no automobile access, the cove’s natural beauty has been preserved for posterity.

There’s a small bar in the bay, ideal for enjoying refreshments in the shade. It is the best to visit Stiniva Cove in the morning hours when there is a plenty of sun. The fresh appearance of the blue-green sea beside the white cliffs is nothing short of magical. 



This beach is located 1 km from Metajna and it can be reached by boat or by car. The beach is a combination of shingle and sand, without a natural shade and with a few catering facilities. The beach can be reached on foot through the picturesque area called the Canyon.



Nugal beach is another beach located on the Makarska Riviera. Its unique beauty makes it the perfect choice for those who practice nudist tourism. This popular nudist beach is located near Tucepi. The wonderful Nugal beach, situated beneath steep cliffs, can be reached by lowering down through the mesmerizing dense forest – Park Osejava which stretches for 3 km from Makarska towards Tucepi.

All of you who are sailing to Croatia and love nudism, Nugal beach is the real nudist paradise because of its privacy. You can enjoy peace and quiet and, hidden from everyone, relish the summer and clean sea. 



Velika Duba bay visually is one of the most attractive beaches on the Makarska Riviera, especially when arriving on foot along the track from the first western habitated area, Zivogosce Blato (which about 1 km in an east direction). Can also be reached on foot along the shore line some 500 m from Mala Duba in a east direction, or, from the main road, located up from the bay cca 100 m. 



St. Jacob beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Dubrovnik. St. Jacob is one kilometer away from the center of the city, located in an isolated area below the church of St. Jacob, after which it was named.

St. Jacob is a pebble and sand beach which you can reach by descending a large flight of steps which does not make it appropriate for those with physical disabilities or poor physical condition. St. Jacob beach is more appropriate for those in search of an adventurous vacation including kayaking, discovering the coastline and various water sports.

However, if you prefer a relaxing vacation you can rent a sun bed and a parasol and enjoy the beautiful view of Dubrovnik and Lokrum island with refreshments from the nearby bar.


What is your favorite beach in Croatia? Share your thought with us on Facebook and stay tuned for part II.