Top 10 Bays in Which You Should Anchor When Sailing in Croatia

Written by Marin @Danielis on May 07, 2017 in Sailing Destinations

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest joys of sailing is finding anchorage in a virgin bay, untouched by others and unmarred with any signs of human activity, serving as a sort of a portal to times long past, when things were much simpler and slower. It is no secret that Croatian coast is filled with such inlets that span across the maze of islands scattered across the Adriatic. Since the times immemorial these shores have been sought after by many. There are some bays, however, whose enchanting beauty leaves no one untouched on their voyage, so to spare you the effort of seeking these pearls of the Adriatic, we bring you a list of 10 most beautiful ones in which you should definitely anchor when on your Croatian sailing holiday.

Let there be no surprise for you that the most of these bays are located in the Central Dalmatian region, around the town of Split. The beauty of each island in the archipelago contributes to its unique blend of natural beauty. It is no wonder then, that the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to place his palace right at the center!

1. Gluha Vala, Solta

Gluha Vala

On the island of Šolta, near the village of Grohote, is where the Gluha Vala hides. The name of the bay means Deaf Bay, since uniquely for this place, the lay of the land is such that the bay, split into 7 smaller ones, has acoustical properties. According to ancient sources, one of the smaller bays used to be a private fishpond for the Roman emperor Diocletian, who has surely departed there in search for a peace of mind. If it was good enough for the Roman emperor than surely it is worth a visit!

2. Krknjasi, Drvanik Veli


Some small distance away from the port of Split is an amazing blue lagoon located on the island of Drvenik Veli. A perfect place for swimming or scuba diving during the day and a perfect anchorage during the night. You will find visitors while the Sun shines brightly upon the bay since there are towns in the vicinity, but as soon as the Moon replaces the Sun, you will find no soul to disturb your peace. You should be careful when sailing into the bay, however, since the passages between the islands of Krknjaš Mali and Veli, which lead up to this hidden jewel are quite shallow (only about 2m), but once you're there, you'll be glad to have taken the journey.

3. Luka, Brac


Brač is the biggest Croatian island, albeit not a very densely populated one. Right across the Split at its northern shores, you will find a cover from strong wind called bura in the bay of Luka. Finding good anchorage will be no problem, since the water is up to 15m deep, and while there you may choose to visit two nearby restaurants for some fine wining and dining, Mediterranean style.

4. Bobovišća, Brac


One of the best bays for spending the night when sailing from the port of Split, Bobovisca bay is located only 10 nautical miles from Split. Even if not on your sailing itinerary, you should definitely visit this captivating place. The bay is divided into two small ones, and there are mooring buoys in one, while the mooring facilities are in other.

While there, take the time to appreciate the subtle beauty of the place.

5. Taršće (Sv. Klement)


If you wish to claim the place for yourself and be rid free of all the disturbances and distractions in form of other people, take the time to visit Taršće bay, located on a lesser known inlet on the island of Sv. Klement. There are no towns, villages or houses in the vicinity, nature is untouched by the human hand and in the northern part of the bay, you may take a swim on a beach. You will find a safe anchorage for all size of boats here and will be protected from all winds. If the swimming session gets your appetite working, you can visit the neighboring town of Palmižana for some tasty food.

6. Borce (Hvar)


Located on probably the most beautiful Croatian island, Hvar, Borce bay stands aside from other mesmerizing bays on the island. It is an attractive destination known to many sailors who wish to find peace, free from people passing by. While you may encounter some visitors during the day, at night you can truly enjoy a peace of mind in this beautiful bay, although you may have to pay a buoy since it’s beauty hasn’t passed unnoticed so it has recently been put under concession.

7. Ždrilica (Pakleni otoci)

Pakleni Otoci

Located in the Pakleni otoci archipelago, a group of small islands that act as a maze when sailing, and are one of the most beautiful groups of islands in the entire Mediterranean is the bay of Ždrilica. The place is so famous that many sailors plan their route just to visit it. Although it can get quite busy, it is still worth visiting for its crystal clear sea and untouched nature which surrounds it. Be careful when anchoring, however, since the waters are quite shallow.

8. Skrivena Luka (Lastovo)

Skrivena Luka Lastovo

Our journey across the Adriatic brings us further up the open sea, to the distant island of Lastovo. Named Hidden Bay, this piece of natures finest work is one of the most famous and sought-after places to spend the night. Since the Lastovo is one of the most distant Croatian islands, the name Hidden Bay was given for a reason. You will find your piece of mind while anchored at this secluded bay, safe from all winds and free from all distractions. You can find the entrance by watching for the lighthouse of Struge at its right side.

9. Biševska Luka (Biševo)


If safe, secluded bays are your weak spot, surely you must visit the Biševska Luka bay on the distant island of the same name. With its beautiful sandy beach, lack of people, this is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your family. There is even a restaurant nearby if you decide to enjoy some quality food while enjoying there.

10. Rogačić (Vis)

Rogacica Vis

It is not easy to choose between many beautiful bays on the island of Vis since the island is so beautiful in its own right that finding a place where you can relax without a care in the world is quite easy and comes naturally when faced with the beauty of nature there. When on Vis island, be sure to visit Rogačić bay, which will prove to be a perfect place for an overnight stay. It has two ends, Parja – more secluded one and with a depth up to 10 meters, or Rogačić – which has a few houses nearby but is still quite peaceful and with depth up to 6 meters.

As you have seen, the sheer number of secluded and untouched bays available for anchorage on Croatian shores is astounding. You will have no problem finding one, even if not on our list, since naming just 10 meant excluding numerous others, just as beautiful, since otherwise, this list would be too long to read. If you haven’t already, come and visit Croatia and its shores, bays, islands, and inlets, which can still proud themselves with the purity of the sea and with untouched natural scenery.