Why should Turkey be your next sailing destination

Written by Samantha @Danielis on November 15, 2022 in Sailing Destinations

Unforgettable memories, breathtaking views, crystal clear turquoise waters, and affordable luxury. Need we list more reasons why your next sailing trip needs to be spent in Turkey? Just in case you do need some more reasons, by the end of reading this we guarantee you’ll be booking a charter in Turkey faster than you can say, “All Aboard!”

What’s great about sailing trips is that you get the opportunity to explore a country and see things that not many tourists get to experience. There is no denying this is especially true when it comes to sailing the Turquoise Coast.

The main reasons why Turkey should be your next sailing destination are that it has a longer than usual sailing season, sailing routes are fantastic, the natural green sceneries are breathtaking, and the ancient ruins will make you feel as if you stepped back in time, hidden beaches and coves will provide you with the utmost privacy, yachting infrastructure is very convenient, Turkish cuisine is finger-licking good, Turkish Gulets the perfect transportation, and above everything else you get all this at an affordable price. Now let’s get into details!




Long Sailing Season

One of the biggest benefits of sailing through Turkey is that you don’t have to necessarily wait till summer to explore the seas. The sailing season in Turkey lasts from mid-April to early November, so you have almost 7 months to choose the perfect time for your sailing vacation. However, keep in mind to plan based on the weather forecast, when it’s too hot thunderstorms are very common and two types of winds occur in Turkey that you don’t want to encounter, Meltemi & Lodos. Your safest bet as a less experienced sailor is to stick to months that aren’t too hot, like June or September.

Sailing Routes

Turkey has some of the most convenient and diverse sailing routes. Unlike countries such as Greece and Croatia where most of the sailing is island-focused, here you have a coastline that is rich in nature and history. Some of the most common sailing routes are Bodrum (The Southwest Aegean Region of Turkey), Western Lycian (Marmaris & Bozburun), Carian, and Gocek.

If you’re a fan of island-hopping don’t worry you’ll still get the chance to do so, just make sure you choose the right routine. An island that has grown lots of popularity because of its golden beach and the ancient city of Cedrae is Cleopatra Island (Sedir Island-Cedrae) so it might be nice to check out if you’re on the Marmaris route. As of this year, you can also visit some Greek Islands, Rhodes, and Kos without a visa.




One of the biggest reasons why Turkey is adored by visitors is because of its nature. Lush green forests, secluded bays, jaw-dropping views, hidden caverns & caves, and so much more to discover! One of the best ways to grasp the entire picture of Turkey’s divine nature is the sea as you’ll experience views that are impossible to see in any other way than by boat.

YA scenic route that you have to visit, whether it be by water or land is the Lycian Way which runs 300 miles along the Turkish coast between Antalya and the city of Fethiye. Some popular places you might’ve heard of that can be found on this trail are Butterly Valley, Goynuk Canyon, Yanartash or Fiery Chimera, and Mount Tahtali.

Ancient Ruins



Turkey's historic ruins are a fascinating voyage through time. You probably know that there are so many amazing and historically rich cities to see on the inner mainland, but you'll be missing out on a lot if you don't see the ancient ruins along the shore.

The Lycian Rock Tombs by Fethiye is adored by many, as well as the temple of Apollo or ancient theater in Side. The Lycian Way also holds many of these ancient ruins, such as the ancient city of Olympos, Perge Ancient City, Hadrian’s Gate, and Sunken City Ruins of Simena (UNESCO World Heritage Site) mostly situated around Antalya.

Hidden Beaches and Coves



Let’s be real, one of the biggest reasons most people opt for a sailing trip is to discover hidden beaches and coves. The beaches and coves you come across while sailing along the Turkish Coast will most definitely bring you peace and serenity. There is nothing quite like having an entire swimming and tanning area with a remarkable view all to yourself.

We’re giving you an exclusive list of secluded bays you can check out and enjoy. Antalya (Sazak “Honeymoon Bay”, Adrasan, Sulu Ada, Phaselis Beach), Marmaris (Bencik, Bozukkale, Selimye), Fethiye (Poruklu, Kabak, Butterfly Valley, Kidrak)

Many people miss out on viewing these beautiful beaches and coves because they don’t embark on a bay-hopping journey. But this, of course, is to your advantage because you won’t be anywhere near crowds.

Well-developed Yachting Infrastructure



What makes sailing so convenient in Turkey is that it has a very well-developed yacht infrastructure and community. For the most part, the more well-off Turks, especially ones living near the coast, have their boats and enjoy spending time on the waters.

This interest in yachting that the locals developed throughout the years resulted in creating a great sailing infrastructure. Marinas are located nearly an hour apart along the coast from Bodrum to Antalya, making it ideal for even a day spent on the sea. This means that you’ll have absolutely no problem exploring a new port-side town every day, perhaps even two if you’re ambitious enough.

Another point that is worth of mentioning is that Turkey is very organized in terms of tours and routes if you’re not into free-styling your trip. The only thing you’ll have to worry about if you go for this option is that you get to the marina on time and that you put on enough sunscreen so you don’t burn while lying out on the deck.

Turkish Cuisine



It’s undeniable that Turkish cuisine is loved all over the world and ranked high on the world’s top cuisine list. But nothing comes close to when you’re eating authentic oriental Turkish dishes in the country it originates from. It would be a sin if you traveled to Turkey and haven’t tried at least Kebab or Baklava.

Depending on the area you’re visiting and sailing through you’ll be able to try a variety of dishes that are specific to that region. For example, the Aegean region is known for its olive oil, the North East is known for its anchovies, cabbage, honey, and cheese, and the South East is known for meat, spices, pistachio nuts, and baklava. We’re sure you’ll have no problem finding something that you’ll enjoy eating.

Worth The Money

The cherry on top of the cake is that one of the biggest perks of sailing in Turkey is that it falls within the category of the most affordable places to explore by sea. Charter wise you can expect similar rental fees as you might encounter in Greece or Croatia, but other than that the cost of eating and drinking out is extremely affordable compared to other European countries.

Turkish Gulet



The last, but most definitely not the least reason why your next sailing destination should be Turkey is because of the Turkish Gulets. If you didn’t know, Gulets actually originate from, drum roll, please…Turkey! If you don’t know what a Gulet is, it is a wooden classic yacht built usually in Bodrum or Marmaris from the southwestern coast of Turkey. So saying you sailed the seas with a boat that was invented in the place you traveled is legendary. It is like exploring history on a piece of history.

The list of why you should choose Turkey to be your next sailing destination is truly endless, the more you go into details and research the more reasons you’ll come up with why this area is ideal for you. In the end, whether your idea of a holiday is to soak up the sun, swim, relax, and take it easy, or hike, bay-hop, and visit as many towns and historic sites as possible you will have the perfect chance to do so on a sailing trip to Turkey.