The ultimate guide to Best anchorages in Split Aquatorium

Looking for a great place with clean water, silence, and trees? It is one of the best feelings for relaxing and in the Adriatic Sea and Split coast there is a lot of locations just like that. The whole Croatian coastline is beautiful and will leave you breathless, so be sure to read this ultimate guide about the best anchorages in Split Aquatorium.

Sailing in Croatia

Split aquarium is one of the 5 nautical regions in Croatia and it is the most beautiful Croatian region. Nature is almost untouched and it has some really good places for enjoying and relaxing.

Blue Lagoon – Krknjaši

Blue Lagoon, Krknjaši

A stunning bay Krknjaši (also called Blue Lagoon) is located about 13 nautical miles from the port in the Split. It is on the Lonely Planet list of the most beautiful anchorages. It is amazing lagoon perfect for swimming and scuba diving. Peaceful nights is also one of the advantages of this lagoon, while at the day there is a lot of visitors from nearby cities. From the south is the best way to sail into Krknjaši lagoon.

Porat Bay, Biševo

Porat Bay, Biševo

Porat is situated on the island of Biševo. It lies on the northern piece of the island and it is a regulatory piece of Komiža, on the island of Vis. It is found under 5 nautical miles from the island of Vis. By vessel, from Porat bay, you can visit 26 surrenders that are arranged on Biševo, including the Blue Cave and Monk Seal Cave – the most well-known. Remember that just for the Blue Cave (a standout amongst the most notable attractions), you need to pay entrance, 70kn in pre-season and post-season and 100kn in July and August (top season). Porat narrows is a perfect spot for families with kids on account of its delightful stone shoreline with shallow water.

Borca - Hvar

Borca, Hvar

Hvar is a popular and well-known destination for sailors and Borca is very interesting because there are not many visitors and there are no houses. It is the ultimate zen place and the most peaceful place on Hvar during the night. The perfect deep blue color of a clean Adriatic sea with the sandy bottom is amazing for swimming and scuba diving. It is good to say that Borca is under concession, so you will have to pay to stay there.

Pakleni Islands (Carpe Diem Beach - Stipanska Bay, Palmižana and Ždrilica)

Pakleni Islands

A lovely chain of islands located about 2.5 miles from Hvar is called Pakleni Islands and it is a very popular destination for sailors.

Carpe Diem Beach located on the island Marinkovac in the Sipanska Bay covers an area of 2.5 thousand square meters and it is a very peaceful and quiet place during the day. When the night falls there are a lot of parties during the summer and for more details about parties you can visit their official website:

Palmižana is a village resort located on the small island of St. Clement. On the northeast side of this beautiful island is located ACI Marina Palmižana with 180 fully equipped berths of energy and water supply. From mid-March to the end of October it is open for tourists. There are a lot of restaurants and lounge bars and prices are affordable.

Ždrilica bay is also located on island Marinkovac like Carpe Diem beach and it is most famous for its restaurant Patak. Beautiful terraces and breathtaking views of the sea are not only great sides of this restaurant. There is also a special playground for kids with a sea trampoline so the whole family can enjoy in this restaurant.

Budikovac Bay

Budikovac Bay

This is a standout amongst the most delightful tidal ponds in the Adriatic. A sandy shoreline, clear ocean, serene night, and a bunch of upbeat swimmers a mid the day will prevail upon you. You can likewise visit the Green Cave which is under 1 NM away or the well-known Blue Cave on the island of Biševo which is around 10 NM away. Certainly worth a visit!

Stončica Bay

Stončica Vis

Stončica is a little rock shoreline situated on the northern piece of the Island of Vis. This spot is ideal for families with youngsters because of its shallow water and sandy base.

Stončica has a great safe house from all breezes, including bura twist (northwest to north-eastern Katabatic sea wind) and the first decision for mariners and yachtsmen who need to appreciate and unwind and still be near the human progress. There are around 15 houses in Stončica straight, a blend of local people and rentals. There is Tavern Stončica (Konoba Stončica) in the Stončica bay. Konoba Stončica offers a wide scope of fresh food arranged on the barbecue and dishes arranged under a heating chime (peka), frequently there is an everyday catch and you can pick between meat or fish dishes.

Stiniva bay

Stiniva bay

Right, Stiniva Narrows isn't the place you'd stay medium-term because of its fame and low assurance from powerful winds. But after all Stiniva Bay offers one of the greatest beaches for relaxing on sunny days. In 2016, Stiniva picked up its award as the Best Beach in Europe, which has normally multiplied the dimension of intrigue and guests.

It is ideal for a dip break, vessels can stay simply outside the door (precipices) and access the shoreline by delicate or essentially swim through the sky-blue water to splash up some sun on the shoreline. There is one little lunch room on the shoreline where handcrafted light dinners and beverages are served.

Lovišće (Šćedro)

Lovisce, Scedro

A little island Lovišće is must must-visit when sailing in Split Aquatorium! It's serene, there are just a few summer occupants, yet numerous mariners and vessels desiring a medium-term remain. The base is sandy and you'll be totally sheltered from every one of the breezes. The Lovišće bay has 4 arms, every one of the four being accessible for tying down and every one has its own little eatery with nearby nourishment. A spot to swim, unwind, eat and even go for a tour around the island. Immaculate, isn't that so?