7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 4: Vis

Written by Marin @Danielis on September 26, 2017 in Sailing Destinations

1.  Sunbathe and swim at Vis’ beautiful beaches.

Near Vis Town and the village of Kut is the lovely Grandovac Beach.


It is actually a relatively short walk from the village (around twenty minutes), well worth taking.  The waters of this beach are crystalline.  Even though this is a stone beach, not a sandy beach, the stones are small enough that you can still lie down and sunbathe quite comfortably.  Pine trees help to screen out some of the wind, and if you get thirsty, you can sit underneath their shade at the bar for a refreshing drink.

Another beach close to Vis Town is Stončica


It will take you about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach by car.  You’ll eventually notice a number of vehicles parked on the roadside.  Pull over and park yours, and then head down the gravel path you find.  The sandy beach is wonderfully secluded, sandy (a rarity on Vis), and perfect for a game of volleyball. 

Srebrna Beach is another destination well worth visiting.


Here you will find both a public beach and a nudist beach. Clear waters and rocky shores make this a rugged but relaxing place to spend an afternoon.

Finally, be sure to hit Stiniva Beach.


This little stone beach features high cliffs and is definitely the most dramatic and picturesque of all the Vis beaches.  You can also climb up on some of the craggy outcrops for amazing views of the beach below.

2.  Go clubbing and tour the bars and restaurants of VisTown.

Ready to head back into town? In the mornings, the scenic settlement of Vis is sleepy. Restaurants open later in the day, with much of the afternoon being hushed and relaxed. Now and again, there is a flurry of activity along the bay as the ferries come and go.  But for the most part, you can enjoy a peaceful stroll between the 17th-century townhouses.


But at night, this town really comes to life.  All along the waterfront, the bars and cafes bustle with tourists, all flocking to taste the fine wines of the region and indulge in the best cuisine.

One excellent restaurant to try is Konoba & Bar Lola, featuring a beautiful fountain and garden courtyard.


Here you will find an extensive wine list and Spanish-influenced menu of Mediterranean fare. 


For traditional Dalmatian food, head to Kantun, Vila Kaliopa, or Val.



Seafood aficionados meanwhile should try the day’s fresh catches at Buffet Vis or Pojoda, which both serve up traditional Dalmatian recipes.

As far bars and clubs, for a relaxed and atmospheric evening, you can sit down for a drink and a slice of pizza at Lambik Lounge


Ready to really party? Head to Komiza for a lively night!

3.  Tour the charming town of Komiza.


For the most part, Vis lacks the party atmosphere of Hvar and some of the other bigger tourist destinations in Croatia—it is a bit off the beaten path.  In fact, the only place on Vis where you can really party hard is Club Aquarius at Komiza.


Komiza itself is a little fishing town, so it might surprise you that such a vibrant party spot is located here. But Club Aquarius is really something—it includes a nightclub, a gourmet restaurant, and a beach bar.  Be warned—it is a bit expensive, and a lot of people are unprepared for this.  So save up a little extra budget for this leg of your trip.  Otherwise you will miss out on the best nightlife on Vis!

4.  Try the local wines.


While all of Croatia is known for its wines, Vis is particularly well known for a kind of wine known as “vugava.”  The wine made from this white grape variety is believed to date back more than 2,000 years!  It may have been cultivated by the ancient Greeks or introduced by the Roman legions.  Acidity is low and sweetness is high with this wine, which tastes best with rich, savoury cuisine (like seafood).

5.  Dive in the Blue Lagoon Cave.

For a truly breathtaking experience at a natural landmark like no other, visit the Blue Lagoon Cave, also known as Cave Biševo.  Biševo is a small island off the coast of Vis, and the Blue Lagoon Cave is one-of-a-kind.

A special phenomenon happens at Blue Lagoon Cave around midday. The sun shines through the water in such a way that from inside the cave, the water appears to glow a spectral blue. There is nothing like it anywhere on earth, so this is a must see when you are in Vis!

Blue Cave Bisevo

Vis is one of the quieter ports of call on your Croatian odyssey, but it offers a welcome breather from the crowds of the country’s more touristy destinations.  Once you have relaxed in Vis, you will be ready for the next stage of your adventure!