Family Friendly Sailing Destinations: Island Šćedro

Written by Marin @Danielis on February 15, 2017 in Sailing Destinations

Family Friendly Sailing Location Island Scedro Hvar

If cooking is not your thing there are great restaurants in the Lovišče cove.

One is run by Zlatan Barbić and it has 3 buoys in front (call well ahead to make reservations).


The other one is run by Ivo Jakas and is called Kod Ive. The best thing to eat is fish. It’s fresh, and its made in a straightforward way by roasting it over hot coals and served with local vegetables grown in the garden besides the restaurant.

Tavern “Kod Ive” Island of Šćedro – A unique experience in this cove is underwater light powered by solar energy.

After lunch the best thing to do is explore the island (its only 8 km long) to climb up the Bičac hill, where there are great views of Hear and its wine growing region. Or hike up to the abandoned village of Nastane. There is also an abandoned 15 century monastery with a defensive tower which doubles as a bell-tower, as well as an ancient villa with floor mosaics which reminds of Ščedros rich history. 

Dominican monastery in Scedro bay - Mostir

Ščedro served as a safe haven for greek merchants, medieval pirates and as a backdrop of a great naval battle between Pompeii and Caesar in 47 BC.

And just a short sail away is Zavala on Hvar where some of the best wine in the world is made, more about it in articles to come.

Hvar, Zavala, Scedro Island