The Dream Guide For An Ultimate Croatian Island Hopping Adventure

Did you ever dream of island hopping in Croatia but decided to put off those dreams simply because you thought you couldn't afford such a luxury? Well, you are in for quite a surprise, since the island hopping adventure you were looking for is actually within your hands reach and within your budget!

Not only that the island-hopping holiday is affordable, but by chartering a yacht you can even set your own itinerary and visit places so magical that this summer will be preserved as a fond memory in years to come.

chartering a yacht

Here we will dispell the myth of yacht chartering and show you all the beautiful islands that you can sail to and all the beautiful places to visit so you can truly have a Croatian sailing adventure!

If you aren't already sold on the idea of a Croatian sailing holiday, you will be now, since here we will bring you all the things you can do and magical places to visit that will surely make you pack your bags and head straight to the coast.



Before, you may have thought that sailing is reserved for a special class of people, but now sailing is becoming more and more affordable, and when taken into account the prices of hotels and transportation fees, sailing is actually the best way to travel along the Croatian coast!

Croatia simply has so much to offer, especially during the hot summer months, when you can casually stroll along the cobbled streets in towns made of stone, dating back two millennia ago and look for a nice restaurant to try some delicious Croatian cuisine. Afterward, you can set sail to a destination a mere hour or two away on the yacht and take a swim in the magical, turquoise blue Adriatic sea, take a sip of local beer and when the Moon replaces the Sun head to a nightclub and have a time of your life!

charter a skippered yacht

The first thing to decide is what kind of option are you looking for your sailing holiday. Do you want to charter a skippered yacht or a fully-crewed one, but we wholeheartedly recommend choosing to sail with a skipper.

The advantages are numerous. Essentially the skipper is the captain of the boat and will take care fo the navigation, repairs, checking in and out of marinas and so on. Not only that, but you will be provided with a guide who can take you to all the best places you could have otherwise missed.



If this is your first time chartering a yacht, there are some things to keep in mind when onboard which will make sure that your time spent would be pleasurable as possible.

So with the skipper in charge fo the sailing duties, you will have more time on your hand to truly enjoy the luxurious side of sailing and party all you wish!

After you have decided upon your chosen option of the charter the next big thing is to choose the right boat. Essentially, you are looking between the monohull or a catamaran, since there are quite a few differences in the experience of sailing between the two.

catamaran croatia

Luckily for you, we have already covered this issue in depth, so for the best possible experience on your Croatian sailing holiday, with all things considered, choosing the catamaran would be the best option.

Not only is the catamaran more spacious, but is more stable so after a long night partying the night before, you don't have to worry about getting seasick from all the rocking and rolling.

Catamarans also have more space on deck, so you can have plenty of room to sunbathe with your buddies and to socialize over a plate of Croatia's tasty meals.

Chartering a skippered catamaran with your friends will not break the bank, but if you are fretting over spending more money than you would want there are some tips how to save your money when sailing across Croatia.

sailing catamaran

Money and drinks are two categories that will probably cost you the most, so by following these tips, you will have more money to spend on some other pleasurable activities, like snorkeling which is an amazing experience.

With these issues covered, now we come to the sweet issue of choosing the best destinations to visit while sailing across Croatia.

There are so many beautiful towns to go to, restaurants to enjoy, places to visit that it would take you many summers to see them all.

To relieve you of your dilemma we have already prepared you the ultimate guide for experiencing the magic of Croatian islands!

islands in croatia

If you have troubles with deciding upon the best route of your choice you can choose between two most frequent routes, one covering the Central Dalmatia and all the beautiful islands and which starting point is Split or the one that will take you across the South Dalmatia and which starts in Dubrovnik. Each of them covers a period of 7 memorable days that will take you to the places that will remain a fond memory engraved on your Instagram!

For first-timers, the absolute recommendation is choosing the Central Dalmatia and port of Split as your starting point for your Croatian sailing adventure! You will visit ancient towns and will be taken to the heart of the nightlife in Dalmatia, to all the hotspots such as Split, Hvar, and Brač.

Split and Hvar are two places where the Ultra festival takes place, so they must not be missed when sailing in Croatia.



Here is the rundown of the places you will be visiting when choosing the 7-day sailing itinerary, with a few places worthy of visiting outside of this planned trip, since of course, you can always tell the skipper to take you to any place you want.

Day 1: Split – Šolta (Maslinica)

Your starting point will be the ancient town of Split, originally built around the Diocletian palace more than 1700 years ago. The ancient core of the town is filled with Roman monuments, witnesses to the once supreme Mediterranean power. The locals like to call the town “The most beautiful city in the world” and “Mediterranean flower” and once you take a stroll through its cobbled lanes, you will know why.

Maslinica Solta

The Split is the biggest city on the Croatian coast and has a rich nightlife, especially during the summer. The area around the cities most famous beach, Bačvice is filled with nightclubs and beautiful women around the world.

From Split, you will set sail to a small fishing village located on a beautiful island of Šolta called Maslinica. Maslinica is known for its mini-archipelago of seven isles and is the perfect place to dive and is one of the most popular ports in central Dalmatia.

2. Day 2: Maslinica (Solta Island) – Vis Town (Vis Island)

The next stop is the island of Vis, one of the most beautiful remote islands in central Dalmatian archipelago surrounded by numerous small islands.

Vis town Croatia

Unlike its neighboring islands of Hvar and Brač, Vis is a lot less crowded so you will have a perfect opportunity to explore its hidden bays, grottos, and caves. When in Vis you simply must sail to Biševo to the Blue cave and witness one of the natures most beautiful phenomena.

For all those looking for a good night out, Vis will not disappoint you. At nights, the island transforms into to a vibrant clubbing scene, where you can party until the early hours in the morning.



If you are looking for something different, you can attend a Military tour which takes you deep underground into the military complex tunnels that were built during the WWII.

Just ask our skipper and he will arrange everything for you.

3. Day 3: Vis Town (Vis Island) – Komiza (Vis Island)

The next stop is Komiža, a small old Mediterranean town on the far side of the island of Vis. First head for Tiha cove, where you can stay on anchor until early afternoon.

Komiza Vis

After a good night out, you can enjoy in many Komiža'sm restaurants and taste the best Dalmatian cuisine has to offer, especially anchovy pie, a special meal unique for the island of Vis!

Komizas traditional cuisine founded on seafood delicacies and quality local wines, as well as the beautiful seaside, will have all your senses spoiled.

Day 4: Komiza (Vis Island) – Hvar (Hvar Island)

Welcome to the island of Hvar! Voted as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world, Hvar should be your top destination when island hopping Croatia!

The island is simply packed full of cultural landmarks, palaces, sports activities, and nightclubs!

Hvar town

Hvar is the sunniest island, on the whole, Croatian coast and has thus earned the nickname „the island of the sun“.

Once there you are only a few miles from one of the most beautiful archipelago of islands in the whole of Croatia: Pakleni islands.

The islands form something akin to a maze, you will feel like the Odysseus once did when his travels brought him to the Adriatic. Not to mention the joy of swimming in the shallow, crystal clear sea!



For party goers, Hvar will be your favorite destination on this route, since the island is a magnet for party people from all over the world. You will meet like-minded individuals who are also on their Croatian sailing adventure, and who knows, you may share a memorable evening.

The island is frequently visited by worlds celebrities, so you may even find yourself rubbing shoulders with your favorite celebrity like Beyonce or Jay Z who couldn’t resist the charms of this island.

Pakleni islands

Day 5: Hvar (Hvar Island) – Bol (Brac Island)

After a night of partying on Hvar, you will set sail to Brač. Cross the Hvar channel and try finding a cove to take a break.

A picturesque town of Bol located on the island of Brač is one of the most popular destinations on the island. Located on the south shores of the island lies Golden Horn Beach (Zlatni rat) the most popular beach in Croatia, which you will surely remember from numerous postcards sold at the coastal towns of Dalmatia.

Bol Brac

Brač is one of the best islands in Croatia for sports enthusiasts, especially if you enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing, not to mention its one of the best places to hike in Croatia!

After taking the time to spend some of that excess energy on sports activities head to the Bol's numerous beach bars which serve some of the most amazing cocktails on the coast of Dalmatia.

Day 6: Bol (Brac Island) – Milna (Brac Island)

After hardcore partying two days in a row, you will set sail to a more romantic and relaxed destination on the western part of the island, called Milna.

Milna Brac

Milna is the most popular nautical destination on the island, since it is protected from the winds so you can relax and soak up the hot Mediterranean sun as well as snorkel and explore some of the beautiful sandy and shingle beaches around the town to play some games with your friends (Pasika, Osibova, Lućice, Maslinova).

Day 7: Milna (Brac Island) – Split

The last day on your sailing itinerary will bring you back to the city of Split, one of the most beautiful cities, on the whole, Croatian coast.

As we have mentioned before, the Diocletian Palace is the jewel at the center of town, and usually, when people walk around the Split they ask “Where is the palace”. And we like to answer “You are already in it”. The palace is not a common monument but actually a living, breathing city.

Diocletian Palace

Split has numerous, high-quality restaurants, some of which are recommended by Michelin, the residents have a relaxed attitude towards life and the women are impressively beautiful.

During the peak season, the city can get crowded, so watch out for some tourist traps, but there are still some less visited corners, where you can avoid hustle and bustle.

Split is also a short distance away from the city of Makarska, especially known for its nightlife, so if able you should definitely go there for a memorable night out.



By choosing this 7-day trip you are guaranteeing yourself a memorable week while island hopping across Croatia.

As you can see, seven days are more than enough to experience all the best things Dalmatia has to offer and many more.

With a skipper onboard you can lean back, relax and enjoy while cruising to your next destination!

So what are you waiting for? Book a catamaran now and spend an unforgettable week with your friends while island hopping across the many Croatian islands!