9 Common Types Of Red Wine You Need In Your Wine Rack

Marin @Danielis - October 31, 2018.

Grape vines grow in all different varieties. Because of where they grow, how they are cared for, and processing factors these grapes all produce different (delicious) wines...

The Ultimate Guide To Croatian Wines

Marin @Danielis - June 11, 2018.

If you like to call yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur, read on and discover for yourself all the best Croatia has to offer!

Bond With Your Family by Fishing and Cooking Aboard Your Charter Boat

Marin @Danielis - December 19, 2017.

Enjoy fishing? Teaching your kids how to fish at sea and then preparing your catches together is a great chance to bond. Learn more!

7 Day Gourmet Sailing Tour From Dubrovnik

Marin @Danielis - November 24, 2017.

We wrote a detailed itinerary starting from Dubrovnik that you should take. In this article we will expand this route and take you on the gourmet journey through our favorite restaurants on this sailing route. Trust us when we say, these re

Cooking on a Sailboat: Dalmatian Salsa

Marin @Danielis - October 26, 2017.

Wondering what You should be cooking on a Sailing Holiday? Don`t over complicate - try Dalmatian Salsa!

Cooking on a Sailboat: Brodet Fish Stew Recipe

Marin @Danielis - August 23, 2017.

Cooking on a Sailboat: Brodet Fish Stew Recipe - You already know that by sailing in Croatia you can enjoy discovering beautiful coastline with more than 1000 islands and feast your eyes on beautiful views of the Adriatic, but Croatia is also the perfect place for the freshest seafood. When you are sailing in...

Guide to Traditional Croatian Cuisine for Sailors

Marin @Danielis - July 05, 2017.

Guide to Traditional Croatian Cuisine for Sailors - Try The Best Food Dalmatia Has To Offer!

Sailing with Kids: A Guide to Authentic Croatian Sweets

Marin @Danielis - May 19, 2017.

While you are visiting the island of Hvar with your family, you may find yourself exploring the historical back streets of the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the central tourist districts. Along one of those cobbled streets, you m

Top culinary havens you must visit while sailing across Croatia

Marin @Danielis - May 07, 2017.

Top culinary havens you must visit while sailing across Croatia - In the recent years, Croatia is seen more and more as a gourmet destination, thanks to its rich cultural history and heritage, all of which has left an impact in its cuisine which is quite diverse and rich in flavors. As we have covered in one of our previous...

Why You Should Consider Taking a Wine Tour While Sailing in Croatia

Marin @Danielis - May 05, 2017.

Croatia offers an abundance of different sights and activities: everything from lush national parks to medieval ruins to culinary delights. But Croatia is also famous for something else: its exquisite fine wines. Check it out!

Croatian Food Guide: A Must Try Local Food

Marin @Danielis - April 25, 2017.

Croatian Food Guide: A Must Try Local Croatian Food

Things to Know About Cooking on a Boat

Marin @Danielis - February 01, 2017.

But hold up—it isn’t easy cooking on a boat, is it? You’d be quite right to be concerned; cooking on a boat does pose some unique challenges. But there are solutions! Let’s take a look at some of the most common obstacles to cooking on a bo

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