What are the Most Popular Dishes in Dalmatia, and Where to Try Them

Written by Ana Marija @Danielis on December 17, 2018 in Sailing Cooking & Cuisine

To really know a place, its culture, and traditions, you must also taste the local cuisine. Every traveler has questioned, where to have the best traditional foods of a region, but some also want to make the food themselves, using the most authentic recipes. In this guide we bring you the best dishes in the whole of Dalmatia, so be sure to taste these local foods that will make your stay in Dalmatia ever so memorable.

If you search in guidebooks or TripAdvisor for the best food in the region, you will usually be directed to the well-known restaurants which focus on the best food in general, but it will be quite a chore to find the best local dishes that gourmands like to taste on their travels.

best dishes in the whole of Dalmatia

While traveling to a new country eating the best pizza or steak in a restaurant surely is lovely, but it can hardly compare to the experience when eating the dishes which locals enjoy and learning about the food and the culture of the region as well.

For those that fall into the latter category enter TasteAtlas, a new website that offers something not done before, a global map of local dishes, filled with detailed descriptions on each which also serves as the place of a recommendation for establishments that serve listed dishes. Unlike TripAdvisor though, the reviews are based on an algorithm which takes into account reviews posted by known food critics.

So with that in mind let us start with the best local dishes that you simply must try during your Croatian sailing holiday!

1. Dalmatinska pašticada

Dalmatinska pašticada

One of the most memorable dishes served in Dalmatia, dating back since the time of Ancient Greeks and served on the tables of Roman dignitaries as well as Venetian nobleman before settling on the Dalmatian shores where is now being served during special occasions.

Reason being for the great amount of effort that must be put into making of the dish, the beef needs to be marinated for a couple of days then it is being stewed in a broth of red wine with local ingredients such s tomatoes, prunes, figs, root vegetables as well as bacon or pršut.

Usually, the dish is served at weddings with a side of gnocchi or homemade pasta. Unfortunately, the recipe is not listed on the site, no wonder since every chef has its own little twist on the dish.

Instead, you should choose between the restaurants being recommended and taste one of the most unique and tastiest Dalmatian meals.

2. Hobotnica ispod Peke

Hobotnica ispod peke

Hobotnica ispod peke (octopus under the bell) is a popular Dalmatian food made with traditional methods. You simply can not leave Croatia without tasting the food made under peka. Peka is a method of cooking food where peka(a bell-shaped steel lid) is heated by burning wood below it, one heated the ingredients are placed on a tray underneath the peka with embers on top, so the food is actually cooked in its own juices.

Octopus with potatoes is the most famous dish made with this method and once you taste it you will not be able to eat octopus prepared any other way. The star of the show would probably be the potatoes, which suck up all the juices from the octopus, making them so succulent and juicy that you will hardly be able to stop yourself from eating them all.

3. Brodet

Dalmatian Brodet

Brodet is one of the classic meals served in Dalmatia, another one you simply must try, Prepared with a variety of seafood, this hearty stew is consumed all over the Croatian coast, with every local restaurant having its own unique version.

It is impossible therefore to find a unique brudet recipe since every household has its own version. For a general guideline, you should use at least three different types of fish, cut into larger chunks and left on the bone. Suggestions range from scorpionfish, monkfish, sea bass or any other white-fleshed fish.

If you are one with a desire to make the fish yourself, we have dedicated this entire article to the famous brudet which you can cook on the yacht while sailing the Dalmatian shore, so be sure to check it out.

4. Viška pogača

Vis Island Pie

For those on their Dalmatian sailing holiday and visiting the beautiful island of Vis, a culinary dish you simply must taste is Viška pogača.

A savory pie with dough consisting of flour, salt, yeast, and warm water, The pie fillings are unique, consisting of a combination of olive oil, onions, anchovies, and vegetables. The best ones are made in the city of Komiža on the Vis island where the chefs still debate upon the shape of the pie – should it be rectangular or round? Regardless of the shape, the pie itself is a tasty meal that should be paired with an glass of red wine for the best experience.

5. Skradinski rižoto

Skradin Risotto

The last one on our list is a risotto which takes about 10 to 12 hours to make and is traditionally made in the town of Skradin of the coast of Dalmatia. Skradinski rižoto is made with meat instead of fish, which includes veal, ham, beef and vegetables such as onions.

Rižoto is seasoned with salt, pepper and served with grated Paški sir from the nearby Pag island, a delicacy in its own right. If you wish to taste this unique risotto you should book a few days in advance.

Grilling on the Boat

There is a whole universe of food awaiting you when you sail to the shores of Dalmatia, but here we have listed the five most memorable and unique dishes which you simply must taste if you wish to experience Dalmatia with the aid of your stomach as well as your other senses. Some of the dishes could be made by the chef residing inside you, but since most of these require long preparation it is our recommendation to simply decide to enjoy the eating part of the cooking process. Hopefully, you will take our word for it and find for yourself why these dishes are the best Dalmatia's cuisine has to offer!