5 House Rules You Should Follow Onboard While Sailing

5 House Rules You Should Follow Onboard While Sailing

Written by Marin @Danielis on May 19, 2017 in Yacht Charter Advice

Here Are 5 House Rules Every Crew Member Has To Follow Onboard


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No matter how experienced the crew may be, your skipper will always go through familiarization and a safety briefing with you. If not given, ask for it. All of the crew members have to know where their life jackets and all the fire extinguishers are.

Emergencies rarely happen but we cannot predict the weather. Some days the sea will be calm, the others it will be rocking and rolling even when there is no wind. In case of emergency, always listen to your skipper, he knows how to handle the lifeboat and get the crew out of the vessel safely.

PS Bring your own medicine if you need it. Skipper is not responsible for supplying it.


Listen to your skipper
Your Skippers may be comfortable with an easy conversational style when all is well but he or she will get very formal and firm when things are not well. Remember that the Skipper is always in charge and will always have the final word. Why? Because Skipper is responsible for all the lives onboard as well as the boat itself, so his orders must be obeyed without question.

Try to understand the situation and do what he or she wants and don`t take it personally. Most problems get resolved quickly. Skipper will always try to bring the vessel to the safe port without injuries, damage or loss of life. As we said in the number one: Safety is always paramount and more important than everything else.


Boat and boat equipment are not toys

Incorrect use of boat equipment may lead to its damage, so don't mistake it for a toy or use it out of boredom. Every single part of the deck or navigation equipment is mounted with a purpose in the sailing or navigation procedures. 


Want to learn about sailing - Ask the skipper–

If you have any questions about the equipment, safety, or you don't understand what your skipper wants from you - feel free to ask. Want to learn more about sailing? Most Skippers also like for people to help sail the boat. Watch the Skipper and those handling the boat and ask them what they are doing, and how you can help. 



Every single thing on a boat has its place, so when you use deck equipment such as handles, sheets or winches, make sure you put it exactly on the same place after using it. That way you will make your boat a safer place and avoid all sorts of injuries.

Keep in mind that this rules apply to the underdeck world as well. Store your dishes, plates or cutlery in their compartments before you take off and close all the hatches, cupboards and drawers. Also don't leave your swimming gear, fins, goggles or towels ying in the cockpit or on the transom. Store them in the trunk as well.

So, as you can see the basic rules are the most important, if you obey the skipper and maintain the safety rules you will have a pleasant sailing holiday. 

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