Discover Hidden Sailing Paradise - Palmizana

Written by Marin @Danielis on December 17, 2017 in Sailing Destinations


The name is a misnomer, it comes from the word “Paklina”, which is a derivative of pine resin used for filling the gaps between the keel and the boat.

During ancient times these island were used as ports for merchant and war navies of the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and all other conquerors of these shores. From Venice until Libya there isn’t a place that offers such an abundance of shelter form any wind direction. Among all of the covers there is one which holds the most beautiful marina on this part of the Adriatic.


Palmizana is a very secure cove bombarded by the smell of the surrounding pine trees, sage, myrtle and capers.

Don’t expect a lot of amenities, there is a small shop, cafe, restaurant (skip it, there are better ones a quick walk away), toilets and a playground.

During the day walk over to Vinogradisce for a swim and lunch.

The cove is right over the small hill. There ask for Đenko Menenghelo’s restaurant Toto’s, even though there are a few restaurants, Đenko’s is the place to visit.


In the evening you can take a water taxi to Hvar, either to party or to have dinner in one of its many restaurants (Gariful, Paladini, Giaxe, Lucullus).

Or just stay on the boat and open up a bottle (or 5) of wine and enjoy some conversation under an infinitely starry sky.