5 Reasons To Charter Lagoon 42 Catamaran for Your Croatian Sailing Vacation

Written by Marin @Danielis on August 24, 2017 in Yacht Reviews

There is something special about the open sea, the sense of freedom it provides while cruising the vast open space makes it easier to relax and renew the energy invested.

In that quest, choosing the right ship might just be the most important decision, so be it comfort or ease of sailing Lagoon 42 just might just hold all the answers for you. So here, the five most important, ones are presented.

1. Curvy, modern design


An offspring of older models of Lagoon 420, with the removal of the last digit Lagoon 42 came with some noticeable aesthetic changes, which have undoubtedly had a significant influence in winning the 2016th Boat of the Year award in the less than the 50-foot category as well as the Best Multihull Cruising Boat in a category from 40 to 50 feet award.

Exterior designer Patrick Le Quement partnered with the naval architects of France’s VPLP Design to craft Lagoon 42’s curvaceous lines.

The underside of the bridge deck was configured in such a way to reduce that unwanted pounding on the rough sea, glazed vertical windows are bent around the corners and minimalized so the amount of heat inside the boat is reduced while the circular coachroof forms a compound curve all around the cabin house.

2. It’s incredibly spacious and comfortable


Although not amongst the biggest of catamarans, the Lagoon 42 has everything you need for a comfortable cruise during the warm Croatian summer. The interior designer Nauta Design made sure that the cabin is furnished with modern furniture, and equipped with everything you might need for smooth sailing across the Mediterranean. Sunbathing fans will have plenty of room on the rooftop where there is a cozy mattress for two, and the net between the hulls is comfortable as ever as well.


If you wish to hide from the sun, however, the cockpit provides ample space for relaxing during the hottest hours, it is quite low, only two stairs above the sea. Lagoon 42 has four cabins with four heads, one double cabin up front and one at the back of each hull, all equipped with double beds, that provide both front and latera access for a more convenient stay. Each forward cabin has its own bathroom and shower, while the aft cabins have the added benefit of having their own bathroom with a separate shower. The ship can easily accommodate two, but with the spacious saloon, that can be converted that number can increase to 10.


3. It’s easy to navigate

Its new and slick design provides more than something to look at. The helm is positioned in such a way as to provide an incredible 360° clear view. It is placed to port from the cockpit and Is isolated from all the lounge areas so that the navigator can see both bows, sides, and stern. The view to the sterns is especially improved, which used to be a problem on older Lagoon models.


Although the helm provides ample space, for two people to work, the ship can easily be navigated by one person. All of the controls of the ship are within reach of the Goiot wheel, from B&G multifunction display to the Spinlock rope clutches.

The helm ergonomics have been perfected, from the centered window cut into the composite top to provide a clear view of the mainsail to the many handholds that provide stability to the less experienced sailors. The deck is dedicated to the improvement of circulation from one part of the ship to another. From the cockpit, communication is quite easy, with great forward visibility.

4. It provides everything for a long stay at sea

If you desire complete relaxation at the sea, with days on end, without the need to return to the port, Lagoon 42 has provided that solution for you. The moment you enter this rental mansion, you will be welcomed by a cool breeze that eases the sometimes harsh Mediterranean sun. That is correct, this catamaran offers Air-conditioning! There will be no more unwanted return trips to the dock for refueling and battery charging, since the water-maker onboard works full time to provide you with all the water you need, while the solar panels take care of the ship ' electronics. The dining table is positioned to starboard and provides ample space for all the guests. The U-shaped galley is furnished with a three-burner Eno stove and a sink to starboard and refrigeration to port with the top-loading fridge just at the edge of the stairs to the port hull.

With everything you need already on board, all of your energies and time can now be totally invested in scouring the sea, in search of a hidden bay on one of Croatian's many islands.

5. You can sail straight up to the beach and take a swim


With all the benefits and equipment onboard there is no doubt that you will be spending plenty of time navigating through the maze of Croatian islands and might just delight yourself with the quest of finding beaches and bays, undiscovered since the time of the ancient Greeks. The width of the Lagoon, as well as its twin diesel sail drives, will make it extremely easy to exit from any dock or tight space. It responds well to the helm and turns fluidly, so you won’t have any trouble docking it. The great part about the Lagoon 42 is that it draws only 1.25m so you can nose her right into shallow waters or simply anchor her right at the beach. Why not, since with everything provided it is more a floating castle than a simple ship.

Overall, this is a top-class catamaran made for coastal or even longer-range cruising. It is provided with everything you might need for a prolonged and comfortable stay on the Croatian coast and will prove to be forgiving on the controls for even less experienced sailors. If you're looking for a spacious, comfortable boat to rent that will give you the feeling of control and freedom while enjoying your luxurious stay with friends or family, look no further, since Lagoon 4 has it all.