5 Most Popular Boat Models in 2018

Written by Marin @Danielis on April 04, 2017 in Yacht Reviews

For all those eager for their 2018 summer sailing adventure, we have prepared a list of 5 hottest boats and catamaran currently on the market. Available either for bareboat or skippered yacht travel, by deciding between either one of these sea sailing beauties, you will be making a good choice. 

By hiring a yacht you will provide yourself with the freedom to explore the Adriatic and a whole new universe of possibilities will be unveiled for you, so without further ado here are the five boats that have made it on top of the list.

1.  Hanse 388

The successor to the widely acclaimed 385 and based on the same Judel/Vrolijk hull Hanse 388 was given an entirely new deck, interior layout, and new window line. The biggest differences are the cockpit, which was given a much simpler drop down, as well as the helm's stern which is now lifted up to 90 degrees, giving full access.

Another improvement is the overall availability of the light below deck since the boat was given two additional sets of windows into the aft cabins.

For those that have sailed in its predecessor, most notable differences are in the saloon where you now can enjoy the view from sitting at the settees and the cabins have transformed from simple sleeping spaces to little living areas, full of natural light and quite airy, where you can comfortably rest.

Overall, the new Hanse 388 is a modern answer to those looking for a sweet cruiser for family travel or with a group of friends.

It is easy to use, requiring minimal effort and it proves a delightful improvement on her predecessor.

2. Lagoon 42

By looking at this new cruising cat one word will pop up into your mind constantly and that is „curvy“. And for a good reason, since the new Lagoon 42 is both curvaceous and sleek, making her quite fun to lounge about. The cockpit is more than spacious with plenty of reclining areas all around, the cabins are furnished with modern furniture and have everything you might need for a comfortable cruise across the Adriatic.

With the mast moved to the aft thus recentering the weight and greatly reducing pitching, sailing this navigable floating castle was made a lot easier either for short-handed sailing or for a couple.

It is for a good reason that the Lagoon 42 has been awarded 2017 „Boat of the Year“ by Cruising World in less than 50 feet catamaran category. If you would like to know the perks and capabilities of this incredibly comfortable catamaran, we have dedicated an entire article just for her.

3. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

Designer Philippe Briand took a leap of faith with the design concept for this new addition to the Sun Odyssey class and the results have turned out marvelously. The side decks now slope gently from the bow and are wrapped around the twin helm stations thus giving her a clever ergonomic design.

Benefiting from this layout with the perfect mixture of coziness and sporty feel, Sun Odyssey 440 is attractive on the outside as well as on the inside.

The backrests of the settee benches can now be extended outward thus forming a large sunbed which covers nearly half the width of the boat giving family or friends plenty of room to sunbath in the hot Meditarennean Sun. 

The boat is much easier to move about as well, since, by placing the boat's large winged table off center, the designers have created a straight passageway between the companionway and the swim platform.

The new layout has been met with wide acclaim and has been proclaimed as the winner of „Best Boat of 2018“ in the USA.

4. Dufour 460 Grand Large

Offering a perfect balance of functionality and elegance, Dufour 460 is a yacht aimed mostly at an experienced sailor looking for a boat for a coastal cruise with family or friends. The boat's layout truly heightens the social side to sailing, since she comes with a barbeque with sink in the cockpit as well as with fridge in the cockpit table. 

With wider hull than on most boats her size, she has been designed with the purpose of performing during a wide variety of wind conditions and both with the thought of offering maximum space around the cockpit area in mind.

Ideal for a family cruising holiday, with its clever use of space and added luxury, Dufour 460 truly puts the emphasis on the word comfort.

5.  Fountaine Pajot Saona 47

Bearing the same name as a popular destination on the coast of Dominican Republic, a new addition to the Fountaine Pajot fleet of catamarans is a perfect choice for those whose primary concern is plenty of space onboard.

Saona 47 is a multihull sailing catamaran which provides you with a plentiful amount of living space with a design pleasing to the eye. 

The multi-decking approach was sued to create three levels of living space and a completely sheltered aft deck. The top deck is well equipped for sunbathers, while the large helm station offers a seat for two and further down is an immense afterdeck that flows into a wide cabin which can entertain more than a dozen while at the bottom are located boat's private cabins, wider than most found in monohull boats.

Another major aspect to Saone is an all-weather cockpit with sliding galley windows that can be closed during the unfavorable weather.

Overall Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 is as close to the floating palace as it could possibly get.


With these five ships to choose from, exhibited for their popularity in sailing cruises across the Adriatic, you can't make a wrong decision. The Sun slowly rises on the horizon and the Croatian coast calls to adventurers looking to explore its many bays and hidden shores.

We wish you a strong mast and favorable winds!