Sunreef - the trendsetter

Written by Marin @Danielis on February 02, 2021 in Yacht Reviews, Yacht Charter Advice

The Polish shipyard based in Gdansk was founded eighteen years ago by the French entrepreneur Francis Lapp and it very quickly became the specialist in luxury custom-made catamarans, with nearly a hundred units sold worldwide. Today, the Sunreef fleet is made up of sail or motor models, from 50 to over 100 feet. These exceptional boats are designed for clients seeking high standards, luxury, comfort, stability, and space. Every yacht detail is carefully thought out and crafted to perfection. The strongest points of this brand are the extravagant design, numerous innovations, superb navigability ranges, and numerous customization possibilities with endless layout options and an endless choice of decors. For years Sunreef Yachts has been shaping the catamaran industry. It presented some revolutionary solutions to the yachting world such as the world's first flybridge on a luxury catamaran, the first double-deck motor catamaran with transoceanic autonomy, the first catamaran superyacht built-in carbon, and the first folding mast on a catamaran superyacht. Sunreef does not produce thousands of boats a year, instead, it produces only a few of them and to order, with each year presenting some innovations and their new models to the world. The last thing Sunreef is working on is Eco catamarans with which they are planning to commit to sustainable cruising. That their business is doing well is also shown by the fact that they recently had to open a new plant in Gdansk due to increased demand for their new models and in order to be able to produce larger boats as they have announced.

Sunreef Eco range

The Sunreef has started to promote an eco-approach by relying entirely on renewable energy sources. Of course, the most natural way to think about sailing is to rely on the wind as an essential source of propulsion and there is no doubt that Sunreef Yachts offer high-quality rigging and high-performance sails. What is new is that wind energy can also be harnessed with the wind turbine system built on Sunreef Eco catamarans. At night or with cloudy skies where there is no sun, the turbines continue to charge the batteries. The batteries are made to be highly efficient and rechargeable anywhere in the world and different voltage ranges.

As standard, we know that the boats can recover the electrical energy from their engines, making them a reliable and inexhaustible source. With the new system integrated into the eco range, when the yacht sails, it is capable of generating hydraulic energy from the rotation of the propeller. This energy is then used to power the propulsion battery and the on-board electronics.

Another renewable energy source that Sunreef has tried to make the most of is the sun. These yachts have a state-of-the-art solar panel system that covers up to 68.6 m2 of surface area on board and is fully integrated with the hull sides, its superstructure, and curved lines throughout the yacht. Panels send the collected energy to high-tech lithium batteries that are lighter than traditional marine batteries. This system allows the experience of quiet, vibration-free sailing. It is exactly what people love when sailing without the engine.

While traditional yacht hulls are generally built with fiberglass or resin-infused, it was necessary to look for something truly sustainable in order to use materials of natural origin. Having that in mind, Sunreef started producing its hulls from basalt, a volcanic rock. Basalt fiber is not only safer for the environment, as it does not release greenhouse gases during its manufacturing process, but it is also stronger than fiberglass. Another natural component used is flax. Its fiber is strong and rigid, safe to produce, non-toxic, and has a minimal carbon footprint. Both materials, basalt, and linen, are also applied in the superstructures and furniture.

The decks of these boats are made of non-PVC-based synthetic teak or cork of technical origin as an ecological variant to traditional teak. Carbon fiber is only used for the masts, booms, and structural reinforcements, reducing the total weight of the yacht and increasing energy efficiency. With a state-of-the-art solar energy system, their Sunreef 60 Power Eco model also managed to win over former Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg who became Sunreef Yachts ambassador.

Sailing range

Prior to these new eco-friendly models, new sailing models were introduced in 2018 at the Yachting Festival in Cannes. With a completely new superstructure concept, the Sunreef 80 gains a spacious central living space with a panoramic view and endless design possibilities. With its main deck opening onto both the foredeck and the aft cockpit, the new Sunreef 80 invites you to step outside and enjoy. The interior and exterior spaces of the yacht are in perfect harmony. Having the big sliding door between the saloon and the aft cockpit, you will not feel the disruption of the living space. The aft cockpit is equipped with movable furniture and a hydraulic rear platform that extends the relaxation space to the maximum. The main deck can be rearranged easily for any occasion, it can be a dance floor, a conference room, or maybe a yoga room, as you prefer. The entire interior is flat alike and it gives the impression of sailing in a luxurious apartment. The hulls offer impressive volumes to configure a custom layout that includes spacious and luxurious guest cabins and a lavish master suite with a walk-in closet, desk, sofa, retractable TV, and a huge bathroom. The dimensions of the master cabin can vary depending on the number of guest cabins. If you have ever dreamt about living on the sea then Sunreef catamarans are the perfect choice for you. The Flybridge of this boat has more than enough space and it is dedicated to leisure and the owners can configure it depending on their lifestyle. It can include many amenities like a jacuzzi, a fully equipped bar, a barbecue, and large sun loungers. Sunreef 80 is available with 2 x 225 HP engines or 2 x 280 HP engines.

One of these is available for charter in Croatia as well. You can charter some other models from the same brand in Croatia, however, this one is the largest and the most luxurious. Sunreef 80 is the first-ever Sunreef 80 to leave the construction site in Gdansk. The owner of this boat chose modern, warm tones and adapted the space to his needs. Since the layout of the cabins is also fully adjustable, he decided to add a children's cabin that is connected to the master cabin by a corridor. The colors and patterns of the furniture, the fronts, and the details are all chosen by the owner.

Another celebrity, who comes from Danielis team and now sails as a captain on a Sunreef 80, is our Ivan Vekic. After many years of hard work in the charter business, Ivan became a captain on Sunreef 80 and we are very proud of him. Although we miss him in our ranks, and his former clients miss him as well, he simply should not have missed this big step in his career. Ivan is sailing on Sunreef 80 'Loom'.

Motor range

Although the Sunreef 80 power looks very similar to the Sunref 80 with sails, it is still a yacht designed from scratch. The success of the sail model and the growing demand for the engine version was a signal to Sunreef to embark on a new project. The result was presented in 2019 at Yachting Festival in Cannes.

In Sunreef, they explain that it is not just a matter of removing the sail from the sailing model, but the whole construction process is different, starting with the hulls that are of a different shape. In the sailing model, they are more oval like a banana, while on a motor catamaran they are flatter. These are all tiny finesse that can affect the performance. The new motor model has a slightly larger beam (12 m) than the previous one (11.50 m) so it offers even more space to take advantage of. It is a little shorter, by 40 cm, however, it still offers the biggest interior volume in its class. In terms of propulsion, you can choose between two engines of 575 HP each and two engines of 1200 HP each. The boat achieves an acceptable cruising speed for its dimensions, weight, and engine. The company claims that the more powerful engine can achieve a maximum of 22 knots, while the cruising speed of this catamaran is 15 knots. The Polish shipyard uses aluminum for the hull together with smooth lines that facilitate the passage of water so you can easily embark on overseas navigation.

The long-awaited platform that descends from the cabin and turns into a terrace on the sea is finally available with this model, so you can now jump in the water as soon as you wake up, or just drink your morning coffee with your toes in the water.

Another celebrity who chose Sunreef's boat is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Rafael Nadal. Shortly after spending his vacation renting a Sunreef sailing catamaran, he decided to replace his previous ship Monte Carlo 76 with a newly introduced Sunreef 80 power catamaran named 'Great White', made to his instructions. The boat was delivered to him to his home island Mallorca, and he keeps it moored in a nearby marina, so he can escape anytime he wants.