Learn from my Mistakes: Reasons to Book a Yacht Early

I wanted to book a yacht since I graduated from college. Thanks to my tourism degree, I had all the information I needed to know about tips and tricks that agencies use to get as much money as they can from Millennials who are giving it all to live in the moment. When I finally took on this journey three years after college, there were a handful of surprises I didn't see coming. If I was booking a yacht for the first time again, I would list a handful of reasons to book early

1. You won't miss highlights of the place you're visiting.

sailing journey

Because I was daydreaming about this trip for such a long time, I had the entire list of locations I wanted to visit on my sailing journey. I realized that exploring every single town and island on my list wouldn't be an easy undertaking without missing some of the local manifestations and festivals that were also on my bucket list. The timing wasn't on my side. All the festivals were taking place around the same dates so I couldn't enjoy some sights as much as I otherwise would. Had I booked my yacht six months ago, I would be able to afford two instead of one week of sailing and I would have marked more wishes from my traveling list as finished – no festivals missed, all parties seen!

After all, more than a few times, we tend to discover the best places we are visiting when our vacation is already coming to an end. Moreover, if you are visiting a location famous for a certain summer or spring festival, booking early can help you secure your accommodation during the peak season. Check out these suggestions that you can add to your bucket list.

2. Availability and the choice of yachts and catamarans.

planning a yachting trip

We all have a little procrastinator within us waiting to do things last minute, but planning a yachting trip should not be one of those things we keep putting aside indefinitely. The truth is, when you are imagining your sailing journey, you probably have a clear picture of what a yacht of your ideal choice should look like. Chances are, the further you wait, the fewer choices will be available to you when the time comes.

If you are reading this article, that means that you have most likely already set your mind on taking in on the yachting adventure and this means that it's not time to settle for a model that will be anything less than what you dreamed of.

To avoid postponing your trip or booking a yacht that just isn't the right fit for you or your family's needs, it is best to make an early booking. Yacht charter is a specific branch of tourism where guest loyalty is affecting the availability of popular yacht models and brands. Considering a great percentage of early bookers are long-term guests, that means that the most popular yachts are bound to be booked by January. If this is your first time on a yacht, try to make your booking before Christmas and enjoy your stress-free holiday!

3. Your wallet will be thankful.

Booking early is something that didn't seem so important to me when I was preparing for my journey, as I was convinced that I would get the best price deal if I booked a yacht at the last minute. Yes, the price I managed to lay my hands on was a bargain, but the model of the yacht was far from the one I imagined while scrolling through my Instagram feed!

4. Forget about unpleasant surprises, sit back and relax. Oh, don't forget the sunscreen!

journey and sailing routes

Finally, if you put a little bit more time and effort into designing the actual journey and sailing routes (you can find some great ideas here), there will be no unpleasant surprises waiting around the corner.

Even if you prefer exploring a location by getting lost in it (literally) and you despise the very sight of a planner, you might want to research some tourist traps to avoid in a particular area. Maybe some parts of the city are better to stay away from after 10 p.m. or there is a notorious restaurant whose reviews promise that it will give you food poisoning. This way you can find out about overpriced souvenir shops and see where you can find original handcrafts and purchase those instead. Buying a bunch of magnets for your refrigerator will not bring you joy three months after the journey, but a hand-crafted wreath from a summer festival or an original piece of marine decor is guaranteed to make you smile from time to time.

If you are on a tight budget at the end of the journey, you can try and interview some locals about original recipes that they might be willing to share. That way, you can remember this amazing journey through new smells and flavors in your kitchen all year long (for more traditional cuisine that you may have encountered while sailing with us, browse through our cooking and cuisine blog section, and be amazed by how easily you can add some more color and spice in your kitchen).

Book your yacht now and look forward to the journey that awaits! We have something for every lifestyle, age, and taste.