Top 10 Reasons Why Croatia Is An Ideal Sailing Destination PART I

Written by Marin @Danielis on March 10, 2017 in Sailing Stories

1) There are over 1000 islands


Of the 1000, 79 are bigger than 1km2, so there is more than enough to see and explore. The natural beauty, the food and old dalmatian architecture will have you coming back just to explore more and more. More actually means “the sea” in Croatia, and you will never get enough of sailing the Croatian Adriatic.

2) Its easy to stay the night almost anywhere


Depending on your level of skill as a skipper you can choose to lay anchor or grab a buoy in a hidden cove, make berth in one of the many coastal towns and villages in the local port, or stay the night in one of the 56 marinas along the coast.


Or don’t choose, and try everything once, each have their own advantages, and the drawbacks are quickly forgotten over a bottle of wine.

3) Sail like a Greek hero


Odysseus is said to have been stranded on the island of Mljet with the nymph Calypso for 7 years. A trip to the island will explain why a man would wait for 7 years with a beautiful nymph to “escape” back to his wife.


Also it takes only the time required to leave the marina and for the islands to open up to feel like a greek hero embarking on a great adventure filled with whine and women, both of which are plenty on the islands during the summer months.

4) The wine

The wine, the wine, the wine, red and white are produced and both are amazing. The best wine comes from the island of Hvar, and the local sort is PLAVAC, find a local winery on visit it and stock up. Wine is at its best when drunk with friends on a boat at anchor in the middle of nowhere.


5) The food


Its all about the seafood. A word of advice is to listen to your skipper they know the best restaurants and they will steer you clear of tourist traps.

The best bet at getting really fresh fish is visiting small island restaurants. Amazing ones are scattered around Pakleni Otoci next to Hvar, and particularly good is a small restaurant on the island Drvenik (ask for Dragicas restaurant).