Sail on Odysseus Trail and Explore Captivating Island of Mljet, Ogygia

Written by Marin @Danielis on May 01, 2017 in Sailing Stories

Greek hero Odysseus on the island of Mljet Ogygia

After the Trojan wars Odysseus and his men sat sail back for Greece.

A trip that would take 10 years, was it not for Odysseus’s tragic fate and his crew.

Odysseus and the Sirens

Suffering many tragedies on his way back home from the wars, Odysseus finds himself a lone survivor and stranded after a storm.

Drifting for 9 days he stumbles upon the nymph Calypso, daughter of the Titan Atlas, who is imprisoned on the island of Ogygia, the island of Mljet today.

Odysseus imprisoned by Calypso on the island of Mljet Ogygia

The nymph falls madly in love with Odysseus and takes him to her cave where he spends the next 7 years with her.

Telemachus Landing on the Isle of Calypso

Calypso’s name means to conceal. She is the one who diverts men from their goals.

Odysseus imprisoned by Calypso in the Cave on the island of Mljet Ogygia

Even though she succeeded in seducing Odysseus, she only manages to hold him for 7 years before Athena steps in and asks Zeus to save Odysseus.

Inside of the Odysseus Cave on the island of Mljet Ogygia

Odysseus’s story is a fitting one for an Island such as Mljet. Just like Calypso the island is beautiful, but with its still largely untamed nature it hides many beautiful secrets, such as Odysseus’s cave (ask us at Danielis Yachting to organize a trip for you), and many many more.

Captivating Beauty of Island of Mljet Croatia

But unlike Odysseus You don’t have to wait 7 years to explore them.

The Return of Odysseus Claude Lorrain 1644