10 Reasons To Set Sail for Island Ugljan on Your Croatian Sailing Holiday

1. Ideal place for those seeking spiritual peace

Ugljan is a place where mass tourism yet hasn’t taken over, so you can enjoy your peace and solitude in peace, away from the noise and the crowds. The island is crisscrossed with numerous pathways leading to vantage points where one can find peace and harmony whilst admiring the view.

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2. Mostir and Cinta coves

Young attractive woman in the sea on the Stand Up Paddle Board

Ugljan is rich with sandy beaches and pleasant coves, most beautiful of which are Mostir and Ćinta. The cove of Ćinta is surrounded by cliffs that offer peace and quiet so desperately needed while Mostir is a sandy beach and serves as a central beach of the island.

3. Bays around Kukljica


There are numerous fisherman’s villages spread across the northeastern side of the island, which serve as a testament to the islands past, most famous of which are Kukljica, Kali, and Preko. The area around Kukljica is famous for its beautiful coves and is one of the most popular tourist places to visit.

4. Our Lady of the Snow celebration in Kukljica

For those lovers of tradition and local culture, a particular event that takes place annually in Kukljica is a must visit. A local procession of ships and boats that carry the statue of Lady of the Snow that celebrates the occasion when, according to local folklore, it snowed in midsummer.

5. Scuba diving in Ugljan

Scuba divers on island ugljan are playing with octopus

If you fancy yourself an underwater explorer, you will find plenty to do while in the city of Ugljan. It is famous for its diving centers which offer the opportunity to explore the treasures hidden below the waves.

6. Local cuisine

fresh seafood plate in restaurant near the sea on island ugljan

There are many quality restaurants to visit while on the island. In all of them, you will find the pearls of Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish, and shells as well as home-grown vegetables. But, better yet, why not visit some of the local taverns where you can eat food grown ecologically on the island while experiencing the real atmosphere of the island and its inhabitants.

7. St. Michael’s fort in Preko


For those in love with the Mediterranean landscape, a place you must visit in Venetian fortress of St. Michael, dating from 13th century. While there you are in full view of Zadar as well as Kornati National Park. You might catch yourself imagining as a commanding Venetian officer while strolling the fort, every piece of stone there has its story to tell.

8. Fishermen’s feast in Kali

Fishermens feast in Kali 

If you truly want to experience the genuine spirit of the island’s past, the place to visit is Kali. The tradition of fishing is still strong with the local people and the town is an unofficial finishing capital fo Dalmatia. In August, at the celebration in name of St. Lawrence, the town is brimming with people who feast on sea delicacies while being entertained with musical program and fishing boat performances.

9. Quality marinas

 quality marinas on ugljan island

The island has been inhabited since the ancient times, so many harbors that are in use today were used as ports by Romans, so it is no wonder that marinas on the island are well-equipped with modern facilities that offer quality service. Olive Island Marina in Sutomišćica, Muline, and marina located in Preko come to mind as best choices to dock.

10. Its millennial olive trees


It is impossible to prepare a true Mediterranean specialty without olive oil, and in few places will one find so many olive trees that imbue the air with its sweet scent. For an island of merely fifty square kilometers, it is a home for more than 200 000 olive trees, some dating a thousand years. They serve as a testament to the islands rich history and its 2000-year-old tradition of olive growing that produces oil of exceptional quality and aroma.

To read about the island treasures is not enough. Mere words cannot capture the essence of Ugljan, one of Croatia's most treasured gems. It is a place abundant in natural and cultural riches, where the air is heavy with the scent of olive trees and the sea is as blue as the sky. It has to be experienced!