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A small narrow island in the Zadar archipelago between the lands of Molat and Dugi otok. It is mostly hilly and its highest peak is Klis (111 m). The northeastern coast is not very rugged, but the southwestern coast has two large bays, Zverinac and Kablin. The only settlement on the island. It falls under the administrate jurisdiction of Dugi otok. It has no cars. Zverinac is recomended for those who are looking for peace and quiet, he island and the settlement were first mentioned in 1421 under the name of Suiran. In the 16th century, they became the roperty of the Zadar nobility. The main point of interest is the baroque palace of the Fanfogna family from 1746. The harbor has three knee-shaped piers that enclose small inner harbors. There are mooring lines on the outer side of the northern pier with a depth of 2 m. The outer side of the southern ier serves as a landing for the local line, and the inner side is suitable only for smaller boats. The harbour is exposed to southerly winds. There is a launch ramp, Kablin is an uninhabited bay with an anchorage at a depth of round 10 m. It is exposed to southerly winds.
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