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An island in the Sibenik archipelago. The narrow Sibenik Channel separates it from the mainland. The highest point is Klepac (169 m). Arable land lies in a valley between two parallel ridges. There are no cars on the island. The only settlement on the island lies on the Luka Zlarin Bay and has a harbor and a sandy beach. There are several churches in the settlement, including the Parish Church of sv. Marija (St. Mary) from 1740, the Church of sv. Rok (St. Roch) from 1649, and the Church of Our Lady of Raselj from the 15th century (reconstructed in 1714).

The harbor is protected by a large pier. Boats can berth at the outer side of the pier (not recommended in bad weather). The harbor is exposed to northwesterly winds. Berths include water and electricity hook-ups. Zlarin sailor – Mr. Tome +385 95 905 9716

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