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A small settlement with a port on the Sveti Luka Bay on the northeastern most part of the island. There are two campsites in an old pine forest along a sandy beach on a peninsula between the bays. The settlement is a popular excursion destination for e inhabitants of Zadar. A large settlement of vacation cottages is by the bridge that spans the Zdrelac Strait between the ends of Pasman and Ugljan. The Zdrelac Strait is 4 m deep and 14 m wide. Boats coming 3m the north have the right of way. The currents in the strait n reach a speed of 4 m. The bridge has a clearance of 1B.5 m. ie speed limit is 8 knots. North of the strait lies a large widen-g in the shape of a small lake where boats can anchor on the stern or western part. There is a small pier with a depth of up to 2m in front of the church on the northwestern coast.

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