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A small island in the Sibenik archipelago between the islands of Pasman and Murter. Some areas are covered with woods, particularly in the northeast. The southwestern coast is steep, while the northeastern one is gentler and lined with a few bays with sandy beaches. The highest point is Strabinovac (112 m). Between two parallel rows of low hills lies a fertile valley. The only settlement on the island extends to the Luka Bay on the northeastern coast and is surrounded by pine forests and sandy beaches. It was first mentioned in the 10th century as Lumbrikaton. Above the cemetery lie the ruins of a defence wall with square towers, probably the remains of an ancient and medieval fortification. The small harbour is protected by a breakwater, to which boats can tie up only at the beginning. The depth of the sea is up to 2.5 m. There are a few small pier with shallow depths in the harbor. The largest has a small lift. The harbor is exposed to northwesterly winds. Sv. Andrija Bay is shallow. Care should be taken to avoid the shoals north and south of the entrance. The northern shoal is marked by a pole. Berths are available at a few small piers. The greatest depth at the breakwater is 1.7 m.

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