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An island in the Gulf of Kvarner northwest of Losinj. It is hilly and its southwestern part is covered with sand. The western coast is steep and not very rugged, but the sea is shallow. The eastern coast has a number of bays. The sandy beaches are suitable for tourists who are not particularly demanding regarding accommodation. Unije, the island's only settlement, lies at the edge of a fertile plain and along the bay. It is connected with Rijeka and Mali Losinj by a regular ship line, and there is an airport for small sports and private planes. he harbour is protected from southerly winds, but northwesterly and southwesterly winds cause large waves.

A good anchorage for large boats can be found 500 m from the shore, while small boats can tie up on the inner side of the breakwater, which also serves as a landing for ships serving regular lines. There are good anchorages and shelters from the winds in the Podkujni and Vognisca Bays on the eastern coast, while the Vrulje Bay in the south is protected only from the bora.

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