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A small island in the Gulf of Kvarner west of Losinj. Unlike the other islands in this part of the Adriatic, its limestone base is covered with a several dozens of metres thick layer of fine and fertile sand, which provides a good soil for vineyards and reeds. The coast of the island is steep and accessible only in the bays, but it is rarely rocky. Susak, the island's only settlement, lies on a wide bay on the eastern coast. Its old part lies at the edge of a sandy plain, while its new part lies at the port. There is a sandy beach. A regular ship line connects Susak with Mali Losinj. Despite the vicinity of Losinj, the island remained isolated for over 1000 years, which is evident from the very old Croatian dialect spoken by the locals, the picturesque national costume and even the appearance of the indigenous inhabitants. The Church of sv. Nikola (St. Nicholas) from 1770 contains a Romanesque wooden cross from the 12th century, known as Veli Buoh.

The port in the Dragoca Bay is protected from all winds except the easterly. It is only accessible for small boats with a draught of up to 2.5 m. The Porat Bay on the other side of the island provides a safe anchorage when the bora blows, but it is not advisable to anchor in the bay when northwesterly or southwesterly winds blow. More about Susak and moorings reservations at

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