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A settlement on a bay of the same name, which cuts deep into the continental coast of the Kolocep Channel in Southern Dalmatia. Its inhabitants engage in agriculture, olive, wine and fruit growing, medicinal herb gathering, fishing and tourism. The pebbly beaches are surrounded by pine forests. There are several private campsites in the settlement. In the surrounding area lie the remains of lllyrian mounds, the walls of a Roman fortress and Early Christian sarcophagi, which are now situated in front of the Franciscan church. The Rector's Palace dates from the period of the Dubrovnik Republic. The Church of sv. Franjo (St. Francis) was built in 1420, and the Parish Church of sv. Vlaho (St. Blaise) from 1407 has been reconstructed in the Baroque style. Nearby stands the summer mansion of the Ohmucevic family. There are two churches from the 13th century in the hamlet of Banja. Slano was heavily damaged during the war of independence in 1991 and 1992, as well as in an earthquake, but is being reconstructed with international assistance. The deep bay is very rugged. Yachts can berth at the quay in the port. There is a good anchorage on the northwestern side of the port at a depth of around 10 m. It is protected from the bora and the jugo.
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