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A small island at the centre of the Zadar archipelago between Dugi otok and 12. The highest elevation is Babicovac (97 m). The coast is lined with numerous bays. The island has two settlements, Rava and Mala Rava.

RAVA TOWN - A hilltop settlement in the interior of the island with a harbour in the Marnica Bay. Boats can berth at the breakwater at a depth of 2.5 m, when it is not occupied by the ship serving the local line. The neighbouring Paladinica Bay, which is exposed only to the westerly wind, provides good anchorage at a depth of around 5 m.

MALA RAVA - A harbour in the Tanko Bay with small piers. On the other side of the isthmus lies the Pavajska Bay with a small pier.

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