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An island in the Sibenik archipelago with its highest point at 75 It is separated from the mainland by the Sibenik Channel. The northeastern coast slopes gently, while the southwestern coast jps steeply towards the sea. In front of the southwesterly coast lie the islet of Lupac and the Galijola Reef. There are two settlements on the island, Prvic Luka and Prvic Sepurine. The beaches are picturesque and the sea is exceptionally clear. On the northern side of the island stands the Baroque summer villa the Draganic-Vrancic family, which contains several works of art.

PRVIC LUKA - A settlement with a harbour. The Church and the Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy were built the 15th century, and the Franciscan monastery was built in 61, but was reconstructed in 1884. a harbor is protected by a breakwater with a depth of up to i, where a passenger ship occasionally lands. At the inner end the harbor lie a few piers which enclose an inner harbor with a depth of up to 2 m. Anchorage can be found in the middle the harbor behind the breakwater at a depth of around 4 m.

PRVIC SEPURINE - A picturesque settlement on the western coast of the island. The Church of sv. Jelena (St. Helen) from 1620 contains an elaborately decorated wooden altar. The harbor has a breakwater with a depth of up to 3 m and a pier with a depth of up to 2.5 m at the head, which protects the inner harbor. A passenger ship occasionally lands at the breakwater. The harbor is exposed to westerly winds.

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