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An island in the Zadar archipelago. It is separated from the mainland by the Pasman Channel and from the neighbouring island of Ugljan by a narrow artificial canal called Zdrelac, which was built in 1883 and is spanned by a 210-m-long bridge. The highest peak is Bokolj (272 m). The western coast is steep and lined with numerous coves protected from the bora. All the settlements are lined up along the less rugged and more gently sloping eastern coast. The island is connected with the mainland by the Tkon-Biograd na Moru ferry line. The island has been settled since the lllyrian and Roman era. In 1050 it became the property of the Biograd diocese, and in 1126 of the Zadar diocese. It was inhabited by refugees from the Turkish invasions. Above the Sveti Ante Bay on the southwestern coast stands the pre-Romanesque Church of sv. Ante (St. Anthony).

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