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A town with a port at the beautiful mouth of the Cetina River, which is spanned by a modern bridge. The main economic activities are agriculture, fishing, textile industry, food industry and tourism. The old and the new part are completely separate.

The old town of Omis beneath steep bare cliffs is a town of narrow streets and small squares. To the west lies a kilometer-long sandy beach. There is a wide shoal in front of it, created by the deposits of the Cetina River. Sandy beaches also extend to the settlement of Stanici to the southeast. The nearby settlements along the southeastern coast, Stanici, Celi-na, Mimice, Marusici and Pisak. are suitable destinations for peaceful vacations and offer accommodation in apartments and private rooms. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The remains of the Roman settlement of Oneum lie in the village of Borak above Omis. In the Middle Ages, Omis was a fortified town under Croatian rule and an infamous pirate stronghold. It came under Venetian rule in the middle of the 15th century. The ruins of the Starigrad (Fortica) Fortress on a rocky ledge above the town date from that period. Parts of the medieval town wall with the town gate have been preserved in the old town core. There are several Baroque buildings from the 16th century, including the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Parish Church of sv. Mihovil (St. Michael) from 1629 with rich furnishings, and a Franciscan monastery. A Renaissance house contains the collection of the Town Museum. On the Priko fallow on the right bank of the Cetina River stands the pre-Romanesque Church of sv. Petar (St. Peter) from the 10th century, one of the most interesting churches from that period in Dalmatia.

The port is greatly exposed to the bora, which blows strong from several directions. Southerly winds also cause substantial waves. Berths are available at the knee-shaped pier with at a depth of 3 m.

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