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A picturesque town on the Velebit Channel in the southeastern part of the Vinodol Valley. It consists of an old, serried part on a hill, and a new part at the sea with a coastal promenade, tourist facilities and numerous villas. The town has a long tradition of tourism and a rich cultural history. The first bathing facility was established in 1878, and the Lisanj Hotel, which has been renovated, was built a few years later. The town offers numerous and diverse tourist facilities. It was first mentioned in 1288 as the political centre of the Vinodol principality, when the famous Vinodol Code, the first Slavic legal codex and an important monument of the old Croatian common law, was passed in the Frankopan Castle. It was written in the Glagolitic script. In 1988, a monument to this document was erected on the central square. Until the port was built in 1868, the economic activities of the town mostly focused on the interior, not the sea. The 13th century fortification with a church is the historical core of the present town, and it includes an ethnographic museum. The Church of sv, Filip i Jakov (Sts. Philip and James) dates back to 1520 and was later reconstructed. Boats can tie up at the pier or the breakwater at a depth of up to 3 m. It is also possible to berth stern-to in a harbour in the southern part of the port. The harbour is not sufficiently protected from the stormy westerly or northwesterly winds. When the bora and southerly winds blow, the sea can become dead calm. The facilities include a lift and a launch ramp. Novi Vinodolski is a frequent starting point for boats which are launched from trailers.
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