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This former farming and fishing village in the Medulin Bay has become a large and vibrant tourist center. In addition to hotels and campsites, there are numerous apartments and rooms in family houses. Medulin can accommodate up to 17,000 guests per day. The Medulin Bay lies between the Kamenjak Peninsula to the south and the Marlera Peninsula to the north, while the Kasteja Peninsula splits the bay in half. The Romans built country mansions along the bay and in the surrounding area. The remains of such a mansion can still be seen in the sea near the coast of the Vizula Peninsula. Entering the bay is difficult due to the low islets and barely visible reefs. The outer part is exposed to the southerly winds and partly to the bora. The inner part is shallow and accessible only for boats with a drought of up to 5 m. At night it is hard to see the lighthouse, because it blends in with the lights from the town and with cars on the road. During extremely bad weather it is not advisable to enter the bay at night. There are numerous berths for locals, and the harbor is reserved for fishing boats, so it is almost impossible to plan a mooring in the bay. When the bora blows, it is advisable to anchor in the Bijeca Bay, and when the jugo blows, in the northwestern part of the bay. Bijeca is a wide bay east of the Kastej Peninsula. During the summer, the noise from the hotels on the shore can be annoying.
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