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The collective name for seven scattered but mostly connected settlements on the coast of the Kastela Bay between the towns of Trogir and Split. The cores of the individual settlements are the kasteli - fortifications built at the end of the 15th century. They occupy picturesque coastal locations and stand out from the modern buildings due to their unique architecture. They eventually transcended their defence function and became opulent, lavishly furnished mansions. The extensive Kastela Plain is covered with vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens. There are large industrial facilities in the eastern settlements. The Split airport is located near Divulje at the western edge. Kastel Stafilic, Kastel Novi and Kastel Stari lie on the 6 km long Kastela Riviera. The bora and jugo blow strong in the Kastela Bay and cause waves, particularly in the western part. Small boats can berth in the harbours of all seven settlements. For bigger boats there is a marina Kastela in its northwestern part of the bay.

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