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An island in the Sibenik archipelago. Its highest point is Vela Glavica (129 m). The coast is very rugged and the interior is covered with vineyards and olive groves. There is a bathing area on the neighbouring island of Kakan. There are no cars, so the island is suitable for a peaceful vacation. During the season, the inhabitants of the neighbouring islands come to the settlement of Medos in the north to tend to their fields. Refugees from the Turkish invasions began to settle the island in 1510.

KAPRIJE TOWN - The only settlement on the island lies in the Kaprije Bay in the southern part of the island. Boats can moor stern-to at the inner side of the breakwater in the deep bay. The northern side must remain unoccupied to allow ships to berth. There is a small pier with a depth of 1.5 m behind the breakwater, but it is frequently occupied. Anchorage is available at the inner end of the bay at depths between 3 and 8 m. The bay is exposed to northwesterly winds. The bottom of the sea does not provide a good hold in certain places and boats can drift during a storm or when a strong northwesterly blows.

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