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An island in the middle of the Zadar archipelago between Dugi otok and Ugljan. The highest elevation on the island is Korinjak (168 m). The island of Iz is surrounded by several islets. Iz has been settled since antiquity. An lllyrian fortification with a defence wall was discovered on the Veli Opacac knoll east of Veli Iz, and similar remains were discovered on the Kosljun knoll. MALI IZ - A settlement with a small harbour on the southwestern part of the island. It is possible to buy food and limited amounts of water in the settlement. The harbour with a depth of 3 m and a launch ramp is protected by a breakwater, to which boats can tie up on the inner side. Behind the breakwater lie two inner harbours with a depth of up to 2 m. KNEZ - A harbour with four small piers at depths between 2 and 3.5 m. It is exposed to northeasterly winds. VELI IZ - The largest settlement on the island with a port, in front of which lies the islet of Rutnjak with a park, a bathing area and a naturist beach. The most interesting building in the settlement is the originally Romanesque mansion of the Fanfogna family, which was turned into a school in the 19th century. The port is exposed to northeasterly winds. Boats can berth in a small harbour with a depth of up to 2 m, but they have to leave when a ship approaches. There is a small marina in the port. Tankerkomerc Marina Veli Iz (023) 277-006 - There are 50 berths with water and electricity hook-ups, 200 spaces for dry storage, a repair shop and a launch ramp. The depth of the sea is 3 m. The marina is open year round.

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