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An island in the northwestern Zadar archipelago. It consists of two hilly parts with the Kosiraca and Siroka uvala Bays lying in between, separated by a low isthmus, so 1st has the appearance of two separate islands when seen from a distance. Its highest point is Straza (175 m). The Zapuntel Strait separates it from the island of Molat. The coast of the island is steep except on the southern side.

IST TOWN - The only settlement on the island with a port is nevertheless very popular. It lies on the Siroka uvala Bay with a sandy beach and a small marina. There is an inn in the settlement. In the vicinity lie numerous coves and islets ideal for Robinson-style tourism. Food and water supply is good in the summer months. The port has a breakwater, a small pier, mooring lines and water supply. Boats can tie up to the outer side of the breakwater or to mooring buoys far in front of it. There is an anchorage in the middle of the bay at a depth of 4 m. The bora can blow in strong gusts, and the jugo can agitate the sea in the harbour.

MLJAKE - A bay in the Zapuntel Strait with a few mooring buoys. When navigating at night, care should be taken to avoid an islet in the southern part. The bay is exposed to southeasterly winds. Ist Marina (023) 372-638 - There are 50 berths at a depth of 3 m.

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