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An island in the Central Dalmatian island group with its highest point at Buhaj (178 m). The only larger settlement on the island is Drvenik Veliki. The coast is lined with numerous bays ending with sandy and pebbly beaches. The Church of sv. Juraj (St. George) is a preserved Gothic sacral building from the 16th century. The harbour is protected by a breakwater with a depth of up to 8 m. Boats can berth at the breakwater, in the harbour at a depth of 2.5 m, or at a small pier with a depth of around 3 m. Zirona Marina (021) 362 722 - There are 40 berths. The depth of the sea is up to 10m. The marina is currently closed, but it is still possible to berth there. Mala Luka - A two-armed bay with a tuna farm in the middle. Anchorage can be found in both arms at depths between 3 and 5 m. The bottom is covered with sea grass. There is a small 1-m-deep harbour in the western arm. The bay is exposed to northwesterly winds.

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