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Yacht Charter Advice

8 Games You Can Play on the Beach

Whether you’re visiting Croatia with your family or with a group of friends, one thing is certain, and that is that you are going to be spending a lot of time at the beach (check out 10 best beaches in Croatia). Croatia’s beaches are some of the most renowned on the planet, offering pristine sands, turquoise waters, and a surplus of sunlight.

While you may just want to kick back and work on your tan or go swimming or snorkeling, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to play some fun beach games! What can you play? Here are some ideas. Note that if you are organizing a company retreat, you could also use some of these as team-building exercises.

Top Places to Go Snorkeling in Croatia

Think of Croatia and you probably instantly imagine sun-drenched beaches and deep blue waves. But what is underneath those waves is just as exciting as those ionic vistas.

Here you will find some of the safest and most accessible snorkeling in the world. The reefs in the Adriatic are not as colourful as they are in some areas, but you can snorkel here without worrying about sharks or whales. You also can look forward to encounters with friendly dolphins in some of the cleanest, clearest water around. This means that snorkeling in Croatia is great even for beginners and families.

You will notice that there are not a ton of organized snorkeling tours along the Croatian coastline. That means that you probably will need to plan your snorkeling outings yourself. Where can you go? Here are some of the best snorkeling destinations in Croatia!

Learn to sail - Essential Skills for Bareboat Sailing

Dream of becoming a skipper? One of the most amazing ways you can explore this adventurous hobby is by taking a bareboat sailing expedition along the coastline of beautiful Croatia. Of course, you can’t plunge right in and sail safely—there are some essential skills you need to pick up first.

How to save money on food while sailing in Croatia

When you are sailing in Croatia, one of the biggest temptations to break your budget is going to be food. Sailing along the Dalmatian coast, you are going to enjoy some of the best cuisine you ever tasted in your life. Seafood lovers will savor dishes like skampi na buzaru and crni rizot (read more in our Guide to Croatian Food for Sailors), while those looking for comfort food will delight in slow-baked peka prepared and served the traditional way. And then there are desserts—makovnjaca poppy cake and fritule doughnuts (read more in our guide to Croatian Sweets).

Croatian food isn’t cheap though—and if you are sailing for a week or more, the costs can add up quickly. So what can you do to save money on cuisine without sacrificing the chance to try a lot of great local food? Here are some ideas.

Learn to Sail: Anchors and Anchoring

We are happy to announce that Danielis Yachting - Skipper and Hostess School training course will take place in Trogir, starting from 01st April 2017. In order to get you interested in our Skipper Course we started a Learn To Sail series on our blog which will provide interesting content for all of you who want to learn more about sailing. 

But then you find yourself wondering, “Is sailing safe? Should I hire a skipper or a full crew? Should I really be going out there on my own? Or is sailing more dangerous than I think?”

You are getting ready to place your reservation for a sailboat charter in Croatia. You can’t wait to get out there on the water. You are pretty new to sailing, but the best way to learn is to plunge in, right? After all, if you are sailing the calm waters of the Adriatic on beautiful, sunny days, what can go wrong?

But then you find yourself wondering, “Is sailing safe? Should I hire a skipper or a full crew? Should I really be going out there on my own? Or is sailing more dangerous than I think?

The simple answer to this question is … Yes. Sailing is dangerous.