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Yacht Charter Advice

5 House Rules You Should Follow Onboard While Sailing in Croatia

In order to keep the boat and crew safe there is a set of house rules that every crew member has to follow while sailing. 

There are two main reasons for house rules onboard: to keep the crew safe, and to keep captain focused on his main task -– navigation and handling the vessel. Some of them may sound obvious, but they will prevent accidents that can take place onboard due to human error.

Fishing when sailing in Croatia: Prices and tips

In part one we covered the basic safety tips and where to spend the night

In part two we will cover some basic information if you want to fish while on your holiday.


If you have sailed before you probably know by now why sailing holidays are attracting people from all over the world. Sailing vacation combines the charm of the country’s mainland with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the ability to cruise through stunning coastal towns, islands and bays on your own time and your own pace.

Tips for sailing in Croatia boat safety avoid fines prices of marinas

You got your friends together, the boat is booked and you are ready to set sail, but before you do here are some useful information from the skippers here at Danielis Yachting to make your sailing holiday more comfortable and with no unpleasant surprises.