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5 Apps You Should Use To Make Your Sailing Vacation More Enjoyable

Apps there, apps everywhere. You can’t escape em, even if you’re out to sea you have your phone either near you or in your hand.

The boats that your charter are equipped with a whole boat load (sorry for the pun) of navigation systems, and they are enough to sail safely around the Adriatic Coast. But just getting around safely isn’t the point, sometimes you just need something else to do.

The obvious apps that everyone will use on a bout are WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram to stay in touch with friends and make them jealous that they are staying in a boring house watching the same view and the same sunset every day, while you have a different horizon whenever you wake up.

The list below are apps that we found useful and interesting on our own voyages, some are great when there is no wind and you just need to pass the time, others turn your phone into a swiss army knife of useful information.

1) Croatian Weather Forecast Website


It’s not an app, it’s a link to weather forecast based on the Aladdin model provided by the Croatian meteorological institute. Just check it before leaving port and make sure that the weather won’t surprise you.

2) Animated Knots


Before you set sail get the app and get the basic knots down. You never know when and if you’ll need to lend a hand entering a port or at anchor. Also if you’re a guy it doesn’t hurt to know how to safely tie your swim trunks while they’re drying.

3) Pocket - Store articles for offline reading.


An amazing app when there is no wind (a condition called “bonaca” in Croatian) and nothing to do. It lets you keep in touch with what’s happening in the world while you wait for the wind to pick up

4) iBooks, Kindle


The iBook app and the kindle app work great on iPads and other tablets, but the Kindle device is definitely one of the best devices to bring onboard. The battery life is great, the storage is enough to keep you occupied throughout a transatlantic voyage and the backlit models won’t bother your bunk/cabinmate, which on a boat means that you won’t be relegate to sleeping in the cockpit.

5) Star Walk- Saved the best for last.


When the lights of this world go out, and you look up at the sky full of stars, pull up the Star Walk app and point your phone or tablet at the sky and actually see what you’re looking at. The app gives you information about the constellations and the satellites above you.

This app transports you back to ancient times when our ancestors sailed using the stars as navigation, and when they read stories written in the stars.

Bonus, for the first time skippers:

Drag Queen- Anchoring can be a stressful

Drag queen lets you throw anchor, it logs you position and alters you with a terrible sound if your anchor drags. This app lets you have a good night’s sleep, instead of standing watch the whole night with a flashlight pointed at the anchor and the shore.