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Sailing in Croatia

Why sailing?

  • Sailing gives you the possibility to see more places and destinations of the country you are visiting
  • Therefore, you can choose to spend a day, or night, in some quiet bay, or to go party in clubs
  • Sailing also presents a recreational, sport activity, or it can be a pure chilling on the deck
  • It allows you to reach all those beautiful and unspoiled natural paradise coves and beaches
  • Sailing presents a constant moving, it's never boring, there is always something going on
  • It gets you more in touch with nature
  • Where can you get a better sun ten than sailing?


Why sailing in Croatia?

  • Croatia is a land of 1000 islands
  • It is the Mediterranean as it once was
  • It is pretty safe considering that the destinations are quite close, and there's a lot of them
  • By sailing in Croatia you can reach 4 national parks
  • Enjoy the supreme unspoiled traditional Croatian cuisine

Sailing and Boat Rental in Croatia [PDF]