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While walled cities and red rooftops are big part of Croatia's allure, Croatia also has a total of 8 national parks and 11 nature parks. Check them out!

While the walled cities and red rooftops of Croatia are a large part of its allure, the natural beauty of this Adriatic nation is every bit as enchanting. In fact, Croatia has a total of eight national parks and 11 nature parks. Some of these parks are only accessible by sea, so your Croatia charter holiday provides you with a wonderful opportunity to explore secluded spots which other vacationers to this fairytale destination never get to see.

Here are Croatia’s 8 national parks:

Top 5 Hidden Gem Islands to Sail To on Your Croatian Cruise

Croatia is a land where natural and manmade beauty meet. Here you can explore medieval walled cities, their distinctive red roofs forming a startling contrast with the bold blue depths of the tranquil Adriatic. Rocky cliffs, lush forests, sandy beaches and sparkling waterfalls all add to the fairytale charm of this balmy Mediterranean paradise.

Unfortunately, Croatia’s most iconic destinations also tend to be its most overcrowded ones. During the idyllic, sun-drenched summer months, tourists from all the world over flock to these tranquil shores.

But that’s not why you are visiting Croatia. You want to take a relaxing stroll along a pristine white beach, not get jostled by throngs of swimmers and sunbathers. So where can you go in Croatia to actually get away from it all?

What you may not know is that there are over a thousand islands in Croatia. Some are populated, some are not. A few even double as national parks. Most tourists who visit Croatia will never have a chance to see these hidden islands, much less set foot on their shores and explore. But if you set sail in Croatia on a charter, you have the chance to drop anchor in these secluded coves and bays and discover the very best that Croatia has to offer—without all the crowds. You can read more about it in our two part article: 10 Reasons why Croatia is an ideal sailing destination part I and part II.

Following are 5 remarkable hidden gem islands to sail to on your Croatia charter holiday!

5 Books to Take With You on a Sailing Vacation - Yacht Charter Croatia

The best thing about sailing is the journey. But sometimes the wind gods are just not on your side. When that happens you are left floating like a stray piece of cork in a wine glass. 

If you’re a grizzled old sailor there is no way you’ll turn the engine on before floating at least two hours.

When that happens go into the galley grab a cold beer and find some shade and read a book.

Top Sailing Destinations in the World - Croatia

Here is Part II of "Top 10 reasons why Croatia is an ideal sailing destination". If you've missed Part I - feel free to read it HERE. 

Island Vis - Sailing Paradise

Ahoy sailors! Most of you who have sailed to Croatia returned to us year after year, bringing your friends along. We asked some of you why is that so and most of you said that Croatia is a land of incomparable beauty and a perfect sailing paradise. One of the places that left all of you breathless was the island of Vis.